What is a Wireless Network?

This is one of the products of technology which has helped people (especially most businesses) to maximize the use of the internet. In here, this type of computer network is not about connecting wires to port. But instead it is mainly about bridging connection through wireless data. Maybe from the name itself, one can easily deduce what this connection is like. Almost all offices and establishments have this installed on their place because they find it convenient which will minimize untidy wires from scattering especially when the arrangement is not properly overseen. People also find it beneficial especially when it comes to cutting the cost for purchasing cables that will be used for the connection.

What is a Wireless Network?

Types of Wireless Network Adapter

There are several types of adapters and it varies depending upon the device that you will be using for it. Before choosing which adapter to use, always make sure that you have already identified what type best fits you and which you think is more preferable. It is dependent on several factors.

Wireless Network Adapter

  • PCI interface wireless network adapter – This is commonly used for desktop computers. But before purchasing one, make use that there is an allotted PCI slot in the motherboard.
  • Wireless USB network adapter – It is considered one of the easiest types of adapter that you can install. You just need to make sure that there is a vacant USB port where you can insert it. Once there is still an available slot, then insert it and wait for the installation to begin.
  • Card bus network adapter – This adapter is by far the most convenient way because it can just perfectly fit on the slot. This is perfect for people who frequently travel because this will not become a hassle to them. Unlike in the USB where there is an overlapping portion.
  • CF or Compact Flash adapter – This is recommended for devices that come with sizes like that of your palm which can be easily hand-carry.

How to Secure a Wireless Network?

How to Secure a Wireless Network

There are many reasons why you need to be certain that your network is secured. If you do not want to suffer from some people intruding your privacy, then keep everything safe. Also, one of the major drawbacks when you are not that careful is that you will suddenly experience a low internet connection because there are already many users who have gained access to it. Do you wonder why it happened? Simply because you are not good in keeping your password safe, the more users connected to it, the slower the connection will be most of the time. Therefore, be cautious. Follow these steps:

  1. Use encryption – It works by reassembling everything that you send over the internet. This will now turn into a code that others will have a difficulty to understand. There are different ways of securing information. Select which among them is more preferable for you. Do a little research to be sure.
  2. Change the default password – As recommended, the moment you installed it there will be a default password set on it. Do not gamble on using that same password because for sure it will be easy to be recognized. Change it into passwords that you are the only one who knew about and create a longer password so that it will be difficult to be identified.
  3. Change the name of your router – It is now so easy to intrude someone’s network by merely knowing the SSID. If you have a new router, make it a habit to change the name of the router immediately in order to avoid detection.
  4. Turn guest networking off – Limit those who will have the access to your router and can change the settings there. Do not allow guest to get their hands on it. Turn it off so that you will be the only one who can access it.

What are the usual wireless network cards used by people?

Wireless Network Cards

  • PCI wireless adapter card – This type of adapter is put inside the computer because the bus at which it is connected is located inside the computer. Thus, for you to connect to it you have to open the unit.
  • PC Card – This is the newer type wherein data connection is made through inserting a card and not anymore inside the unit but it is inserted on the side portion of the laptop.

What are the advantages of using a USB wireless network adapter?

USB Wireless Network Adapter

  • No more cables – The cables can be in itself expensive plus the hassle of getting somebody to install the cables, it is a very tedious job. With this, you will no longer see the mess that is brought about by these cables. Instead, it will now be wrapped up into a single USB that will be plugged on the USB port.
  • Convenience – The ease at which you can transfer it from one device to the other is a big plus. Thus, you can maximize its use. When you are no longer using it, you can just unplug it and let others have it.
  • Easy installation – You don’t need to open your computer, all you need is to allocate a vacant slot for the USB to be plugged in. Then, just wait for a while for it to start installing. After that, you can now set-up a wireless connection and get ready to surf the web.

What is with Xbox 360 wireless network adapter?

Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter

Microsoft manufactures its own wifi adapter for Xbox. For users, they find it to be a lot better and can be trusted. However, this usually comes at an expensive price. However, it is all worth it considering the fact that the range that it can reach is good. That is why many wants to avail for it in order to improve their gaming experience so that they will not suffer from having a very bad experience due to interrupted connection sometimes. It is a good choice when choosing to play games.