How to Detect and Boost Your Wifi Signal Strength?

Wireless Fidelity or WiFi is the ability of computers, laptops, smartphones and other devices to connect to the internet. It is considered wireless since, as the name implies, you do not need wires to get connected. All you need is a router that can deliver internet connection within an area.

What Does It Mean With Wifi Signal Strength?

Wifi Signal Strength

It is usually about knowing how reliable your wireless connection is. It can either be excellent or poor. Poor connection can truly ruin your whole surfing experience because even a single page can load too long and it can be so annoying. Waiting when it will fully load can truly be a waste of time especially when you are too excited to browse and then when you tried to see the connection, it is very slow and you have grown tired waiting. Lucky are you if the connection works so well because you will no longer wait for anything.

How to Test Wifi Signal Strength?

test wifi signal strength

  • Built in OS utilities – Usually devices have built in utilities that will help you check the strength of your connection. A wifi signal strength meter will gauge the speed and strength of the connection. It is usually found on the control panel section. You can also check it using the wireless network icon. Click the icon for it to show the connection where you are currently connected. For wireless networks, it is usually shown depending on the number of bars that it has. Full bars would mean that the connection is excellent while one bar or two can mean that it is not that good.
  • Adapter utilities – There are applications that are especially dedicated for you to know how fast or slow your connection is which is usually shown in percentage.
  • Locator devices – These devices do not really function to give the exact measure wifi signal strength, it will only give a prediction of how good the nearby connection is. The measurement is usually depicted in terms of the number of LED lights that glow.
  • Check it through online sites – There are also sites that you can utilize for you to check your wireless connectivity. These online applications will be able to detect what the current status of your connection is. Besides, you will not be paying for it; all you need is to access it. That is all that you need to do. No penny will be wasted but you get exactly what you want.

How to Increase Wifi Signal Strength?

increase wifi signal strength

Are you tired of suffering from the same connectivity problem over and over again? Are you so tired of doing the same thing over and over again and yet nothing happens? It is time for you to try these tips in boosting wifi signal strength.

  1. Upgrade to the latest wifi tech – It can be that your router had grown old with time and it needs to be changed already. Check your router if it is still fully operational or it should be replaced with new and updated ones to cope with the present demand.
  2. Keep your password secured – Do not be too confident that no one will know about the password that you have. It can be that the last time you know it; the neighborhood has known it already. So, when you first installed a wireless connection at your place, you should be the only one to have the password. Use the recommended type which is under WPA. Many things can happen if someone takes hold of your password. More users can connect to your connection, thus making it as slow as the snail and it can be so frustrating in your part. You own it yet you don’t get the most of it.
  3. Find a good router location – It is also advised to put it in place that is not hidden meaning out in the open so that the signal that it can get won’t be obstructed by anything. Putting it on accessible areas can turn it into a wifi signal booster.

Advantages of Wifi Signal Strength App?

wifi signal strength app

Whatever the operating system of your phone and computer is, you can find an application that best suits your need and here are the advantages that you can get when you will install it on.

  • Convenient checking of the stability of your wireless connection – You can easily get your hands on it because it is highly accessible.
  • Detailed figures – You will be given the exact numbers that you will need in order to be aware of the current connection that you have.

The question as to how to increase wifi signal depends on different factors such as router location, password strength and the quality of the router. All these should be often checked if you want to enjoy fast internet connection.

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