What is WiMAX?

WiMAX, or Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, is known to be type of connection that’s known to be better than the old wired connection because this type of broadband service is known to be wireless. This means that the device that you will be using for the internet doesn’t need a satellite of any medium that will connect your modem to a DSL cable because this internet connection has a built in satellite that can connect itself to the main server or WiMAX tower of the internet service provider in topic.

This is known to be very convenient nowadays, and actually, most internet service providers are starting to implement WiMAX on all of their devices so that everything will become more convenient for the sake of the customer. There are some benefits that made WiMAX better than its predecessors in many ways, and we will explain that later on. This type of WiMAX connection is also known to be installed in many kinds of devices that you will surely see as very convenient in this modern age. WiMAX can come in 3G, 4G, or LTE connections that vary upon the speed and signal strength.


What are the Devices Used for WiMAX?

WiMAX connection has lots of devices being used as a medium to provide internet connection. Each device has its respective kind of convenience that it can provide to many customers. Remember that all of these will use wireless connection to the server, but not all will guarantee wireless connection to your device. Here are the various devices used for WiMAX connections:

  • Modems – Modems are known to be the most common medium for internet connection ever since the days of DSL connections. This is a device that comes in mostly square shapes that have lights on it. It has a signal indicator, and some cables that can be used for computers and phones. This can be connected to a router for Wi-Fi access, while better models have their own routers installed within.
  • USB Sticks – This is a very small type of device that uses broadband connection for computers and laptops. This is cheaper than the modem in terms of service, and some uses SIM cards that can be registered to a 3G connection to guarantee internet connection at the cost of the network provider’s service rates. There are also some models that can be used for Wi-Fi connection as well.
  • Hotspots – This is a very portable device that’s very small in appearance, and has LED lights or digital indicators that can guarantee you internet connection. This is battery operated, but is chargeable, and can be connected directly to a computer using a USB cable for direct internet connection.

What are the Benefits of WiMAX?

It’s a well known fact that WiMAX is guaranteed to be the best in terms of providing internet connection to users because of its amazing capabilities that made DSL almost obsolete for many users. Here are the various benefits of using WiMAX as your internet medium:

  • Plug and Play – The fact that WiMAX is very easy to install made it very convenient for many people. Plug and play is known to be a term meaning that once you plug the device in, you can start using the device’s features already. WiMAX doesn’t need any installation of wires to operate it because it doesn’t have any DSL lines included due to the built in satellite for the broadband connection. This also cuts time for you to purchase phone lines just to get your internet, and labor fees to make a setup for the wires of the device.
  • Easy to Troubleshoot – while DSL connection might let you reset the wires of the device especially on the DSL cable which may be hard to find due to your planned installation in the beginning. Most WiMAX devices only require you to unplug and plug it back in just for you to adjust the internet connection.
  • Very Stable Connection – Most of the time, WiMAX devices are very stable in terms of connectivity, and will guarantee you easy ways to get to the internet in a very fast rate than Broadband.
  • Can be Used Everywhere – If you have a home modem, expect that you will be able to use the internet anywhere within the vicinity of your house. There might be times where there are blind spots on your home that can affect the signal of the device, so repositioning of the device can be done with ease because there are few wires plugged into the modem after all.

How to Improve WiMAX Signal

This is known to be the very basis of your internet connection if you have a modem that uses WiMAX. Compared to the DSL lines that can give you no ways to adjust the signal (aside from going through all the trouble just to move the satellite), this device will only require you to reposition the device whenever there’s a low signal. However, weather conditions will greatly affect the signal just like any other kind of internet connection.

To give you more details about the WiMAX signal, here are some tips in order for you to get a better signal:

  • Since towers are usually high, it’s better for you to place your modem in a place that’s high enough so that you can get the maximum signal possible. A perfect example of this can be your own bedroom.
  • Placing the modem in a place where there are tiles can obstruct the signal since tiles can bounce off the frequency.
  • Avoid closing the window if you’re placing your WiMAX in your room because glass can bounce off the signal. Make sure that you leave a little open space for the frequency to come out.

It’s a well known fact that this type of internet connection is guaranteed very useful for everyone because this is a wireless kind of internet, and it will only depend upon your location when it comes to the perfect connection. This is very easy to install, and the fact that many people are starting to use WiMAX than the old school DSL is enough for you to switch to this brand new type of internet connection. This is guaranteed by the modern age, and all things are starting to turn wireless, so make sure that you switch to this type of internet now!