WIFI or Wireless Fidelity: Frequently Asked Questions

The term WIFI is not new for most of us anymore and almost everyone is making use of it in different purposes. You can even find some who would purposely went out of their house to have WIFI connection on the different electronic devices they are using such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops. But, the use of WIFI would not be limited on those as this could also be used in WIFI enabled television, smart watches and others. However, aside from those, there could be more questions in your mind about the use of WIFI.

If that is the case, then there is nothing for you to worry about that as you are in the right place. Provided below are some of the answers on the most common questions being asked by people when it comes to the use of WIFI network connection. Check it and know the answer to your own question.

What is WIFI?

What is WIFI

When you asked someone on what a WIFI is, there would be a number of answers that you can expect to be heard from them. But, what does it really mean? WIFI is a short term for Wireless Fidelity which refers to the high speed internet connection that you can have and access for your electronic devices that do not comes with those annoying wires and cables that we commonly trip over as we walk in our house.

How Does It Work?

How Does Wifi Work

The WIFI totally works just a like a normal internet connection which you will set up in your house. This would send signals to your different electronic devices and as you connect to them, you can start having an access to the World Wide Web. However, just like the wired internet connection that we used to have, there would be limitations on the area where you can use your WIFI connection. This is commonly called as the WIFI hotspots.

As long as you are within the reach of the hotspot, you can have the chance to connect with your WIFI connection but if you are going outside, there is really nothing to worry about this. You can just simply walk around and look for different signs in restaurants, cafes and even in malls that says “WIFI zone”

Where to Get Wireless Connection?

Wifi Connection

There are a number of WIFI providers in the market for you to choose from for the WIFI internet that you need. You can asked your current internet provider if they are also offering this kind of service and get to know the different terms and conditions they have for it. However, if you are someone who loves to go outside every now and then and would like to have a steady WIFI connection then you can search for portable WIFI devices that you can make use for that purpose.

What Are Wireless Hotspots?

Wifi Hotspot

The WIFI hotspot refers to the area where the signal of the WIFI connection you have could be detected. The WIFI adapter you have got could be used in limited space and area depending on the strength and signal of it. The reason behind this is that WIFI devices only received radio wave signals which weaken as you go farther on it. So, if your device has been disconnected on the WIFI connection as you go in the other places you will visit, this means that you have already lose the radio wave signals and you are already far from the hotspot.

However, you can also make use of different WIFI signal booster and WIFI range extender or also called as the WIFI repeater in order to let more people get an access to the WIFI connection as they go a little farther from the WIFI routers being used by the establishments.

Should I Buy Portable Wireless Devices?

portable wifi device

The decision would be really depends on your needs and preferences. There are different kinds of portable WIFI devices or the portable WIFI router that you can make use including the WIFI card and the USB WIFI adapter. Both of it enables you to have your WIFI connection on the go and make most out of it. This is really ideal for those people who often travels from one place to another and needs the WIFI connection on their WIFI phone to be used on their work or to simply check their mails and do the common things they want with the use of the internet.

How to Install the Wireless Routers?

wifi routers

Installing WIFI routers is not that hard as there would be a step by step guide that is provided by the manufacturer of it. This may also depend on the kind of WIFI router that you have got. Portable WIFI routers are a lot easier to be used compared to the other routers so the best for you to do is to understand the different things that come with it in the box or you can ask an installer man to help you with this. There could also be a different installation process for you to follow when you are using WIFI dongles which are more ideal to those people who are using laptops and computers.

How to Connect on WIFI?

The possible way of connecting to a WIFI may depend on the kind of WIFI device that you are using especially in the usual WIFI phones. To set up your WIFI connection on phone, you may follow the steps below:

  • Go to the settings menu of your phone
  • Check the WIFI connection
  • Turn it On
  • Check the name of the WIFI connection you have in the house
  • Put the password if you have set it with a password
  • Click Connect. The phone will now try to connect to the signals that it has been detected from your WIFI routers and now give you an access to the internet.

If you think that your connection is slow, you can buy a WIFI amplifier in the market to use for it.