A Guide to What a Server Is – Definition of Terms

What is a Server?

What is a Server

When you are trying to make researches about the internet or you are reviewing for your IT class, there is a chance for you to encounter the term server. However, this do not refer to those people who are giving you food and drinks when you are in the restaurant as this could be something a little more than that and very much different. So, the main question now is what is a server? A server may refer to the kind of network which runs the different programs that you are using with your computer. They are the one that receives the signals and commands from the clients and eventually responses on it accordingly.

There could be different kinds of servers that are being used by most of us and one of it is the computer servers. This kind of server is really important for all kinds of businesses, small or big as this could be one of the most important investments they could have. However, aside from that, there are more things for you to know about servers and the computer server that you need. In this guide, every little term related on it would be discussed to you.


What is a Server Computer?

Computer Servers

A server computer is typically being used in business. This could be the central system that is being used by different employees in the company in order to have an access on the different reports, documents and files that they need to use for the work they are making. This is also one of the most beneficial kinds of server as this could help in order to let the workers share their files one another.

The Proxy Server

Proxy Server

Another kind of server that you would commonly hear about is the proxy server. If you are interested in making use of it then there are some things you have to understand and get to know. Check the following below to have a better idea.

What is a Proxy Server?

What is a Proxy Server

A proxy server may refer to the kind of server that serves as the intermediary for the different requests that the users may have to the computer which commonly needs to be done with the use of another server. The user need to connect on this service, request for a file or whatever service he or she needs from the different server and the proxy server will evaluate it before command.

What is Web Proxy Server?

What is Web Proxy Server

The web proxy server is a kind of proxy server that is meant to be used on accessing different websites in the World Wide Web and help the user to be hidden and become anonymous. When you start checking out different proxy server list in the internet, you would be able to find tons of them and even Google Chrome and Firefox Mozilla already has it for you.

How to Become Anonymous?

How to Become Anonymous

To become anonymous online, you may need to look for the best anonymous proxy server around the internet. There would be a lot of proxy server websites for you to choose from so make sure that you will evaluate each of them and get to know the right one for you. You can check the recommendation of other people or check reviews to easily have an idea on the best server you can try for your needs.

The Home Server

Home Server

There is also the home server which could refer on the kind of server that is located or being used in a certain private residence which provides services to the different people living inside. This is one of the most common servers you would be able to find and probably you are also making use of it. There are different services and commands you can have from it which includes the following below:

  • Printer and file serving
  • The Web serving
  • Media center serving
  • Backup Services
  • Account Authentication
  • Web Caching

What is Home Media Server?

Home Media Server

This kind of server refers to the server which is commonly being used in home theater system that you are using in the house. This could help you in playing and using the different features that comes with it.

What is Home NAS Server?

Home NAS Server

NAS or Network Attached Storage is one of the best for you to consider if you are interested in having a large storage for the different requests and commands you are going to have with the home server software you might using in your house. This could help you to save a lot of network files which is necessary to have better processes to your home server.

Linux vs Windows

Linux vs Windows

Linux VS Windows – There are two best providers of home servers in the market right now, the Linux home server and the windows home server. Both of it might be useful on the home server you need for the different processes you will do but it would be ideal to be assured on what you will get before anything else.

What is a Web Server?

What is a Web Server

This kind of server may refer to software or a hardware which is being used in order to help a user in having an access on the different data he or she might be able to get when using the internet.

Types of Web Servers

Types of Web Servers

There are three types of web servers which are the following below:

  • Application Server
  • Web Server
  • Database Server

What is a Cloud Server?

What is a Cloud Server

This is one of the most popular servers right now which is often used by different people who are making use of electronic devices such as smart phones and tablets as they could save their files with the cloud storage and make use of the different files as they make requests on the cloud server. This is really ideal for those people who would like to have an alternative storage for their devices and would want it to be saved safely and secured without any problems.