Do You Want to Know What Does 3G Mean?

The use of smart phones, and tablets in the market continues to grow. Almost everyone is making use of this kind of device in everyday activities that they are having and surely you could be one of them. But, if you would like to have a better experience on the device you are going to use, the best thing you have to do is to understand every feature and benefit you can have from it. There would be really a lot for you to know and one of it is about 3G technologies.

Yes, for at least once or even how many times in your life, you have heard people looking for different electronic devices that come with 3G feature. But the problem is, not all people may have enough idea on what it is all about and may totally wonder on the importance of it. If you are one of those people, then this could be the best place for you.

What Does 3G Mean

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What Does 3G Mean?

3G or the short term for the third generation refers to the kind of technology which commonly uses the UMTS or the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System as one of its core network. This has been known in the market in the year 2001 which totally changed the thinking of most of us. This kind of network combine the use of 2G network and added some new features, protocols and technologies which makes a faster data services to all of it users.

The use of this has even widely spread all over the world when Apple decided to use it on one of their iPhone devices and named it as iPhone 3G. After that, they have also produced the iPhone 3G.

What is the Difference of 3G and 4G?

Right now, as you start making researches, there is a big chance for you to encounter the term 4G. From the name itself, you will have an idea that this is. This is the most advanced kind of network technology that is being used in the market. This is the fastest in all kinds of data internet connection and could be faster than what WiFi could provide its users depending on the signal strength that you have with your provider. However, this could be more expensive compared to the use of 3G and WIFI.

What to Have: 3G or WiFi?

If you would like to have a good connection in your device which is enough for your daily use, then there would be two main options for you to consider, the 3G and the WIFI. Both may have their pros and cons to be considered, so before you purchase a new device, the best thing for you to do is to determine which is the best option for you. When you are getting the WIFI connection, there is a need for you to have DSL to enable WIFI connectivity.

This could have a higher price for you to pay compared to the 3G which are comes with the contract you will get with your network provider. With the use of 3G, you can have access to the internet even if you are outside the house and you can update your different social networking accounts without any problems. So, basically when choosing the best for you to have, it is important for you to consider your needs and preferences.

Why Do I Need this Feature?

There are different reasons why you need this kind of feature and on top of it is to have an internet access on the go. You would not need to worry about checking your mails and other sites you commonly visit online as you can easily do it with the use of the said service.

How to Use 3G on my Device?

There would be a specific option that you have to enable to use this on your device. Just make sure that your device is 3G ready and support this kind of network. If not, it would be impossible for you to make use of it in your devices and have the internet connection you need.

Aside from knowing your needs, you also have to know if your device is compatible with the services that you want to have.