What You Should Know About a TRENDnet Router?

The internet has become the source of everything. Aside from entertainment and information, this has become also a source of income. Many companies nowadays use the internet to earn money and hire virtual employees. However, all these things would be impossible if the internet connection you are using is slow. Fortunately, there is a way that you can do to speed up your internet connection. You just need to ditch your old connection with a TRENDnet router.

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What is a TRENDnet Router?

This type of router is another brand that makes innovative routers to give internet users a fast and efficient internet connection. This company does not only make routers. It also makes other internet connecting devices that you can use to enjoy your internet browsing. Some of internet tools that they are making are wireless and wired internet connections, surveillance and other peripheral devices used for surfing the internet. Indeed, TRENDnet is a reliable company when it comes to internet connection.

How to use a TRENDnet Router Log In?

trendnet router login

There are a few simple steps that need to be followed for you to log into your router. But before you do that, you need to look for your Internet Protocol Address first. You may do it by searching your IP Address of your router. If you cannot locate it, you may search it on the internet or use the free software.

Now that you have gotten the address, you can now log into your router. To do that, you need to type in the address on the web browser where you type the web address. Press “Enter” once you have typed in the address. A dialog box will pop out on your screen. This box will ask for your username and your password. Generally, TRENDnet provides default username and password for your router. Look for them, then type them in their designated text box. Click “log in”. If you see a home screen that provides information on your internet connection device, it means you have successfully logged into your internet router.

How to Connect Your TRENDnet Wireless Router to Your DSL Modem?

trendnet wireless router

Now that you have successfully registered your wireless router, it’s time for you to connect it to your modem. To do that, you need to make sure that your computer can access the internet using your DSL modem provider. If you are guaranteed with the connection, you need to type in the modem URL to take you to the configuration page. Once there, you should search for the PPP location, then change it into a Bridged Mode.

Connect the router between your DSL modem and your computer. Go to the UI of the router, then change the WAN setting into a PPPoE. Enter the username and password provided by your provider. You also need to enter your IP address which is provided by the router. You need to ensure that the Internet Protocol address of your router is similar to your modem. Check if the router is already connected to the modem by turning them off and on. If it’s connected, you can now enjoy surfing the internet.

How to Locate TRENDnet Router IP?

As stated earlier, there are three ways to find the address of your IP router. You may look it on the actual router. Usually, it is encrypted on the body of the internet router. But if you cannot locate the address, you may use the internet to find it. You just need to type in the router model that you have in the search box and it will give you the IP address in an instant. Otherwise, you may use the free software to get the IP address.

How Important is a TRENDnet Router Setup?

It is very essential to set up your router, especially if it’s new. This will make your internet browsing faster than before. Furthermore, you don’t need to repeat the procedure every time you want to connect to the internet.

Can I Change My TRENDnet Router Password?

Of course, you can! As a matter of fact, it is advisable to change the password to give more security to your connection. Moreover, there is a lesser chance that others will use your connection once you have changed the password.