Two Ways to Trace IP Address Location – Website & E-Mail IP Address

Do you want to trace IP address location of other people? How about your own IP address? Well, there is nothing for you to worry about as there are some simple things you have to do in order to become successful on this. Yes, this is not that hard as what you are probably thinking and you can do it without the help of any software or tools out there. However, make sure that you are going to follow every step you need to do as you would not want to have problems with it.

In this article, you will be guided in knowing how to trace IP address location of a website or an e-mail address. If the IP address that you would like to determine is one of those then you can check the steps you need to follow to make your goal possible.

Getting Website IP Address

Let us start in knowing how you are going to get IP address of the website that you are visiting. This is commonly being checked by people to have an idea on the location of the owner of a website, some would make use of it for security purposes and others are just simply curious about it. To get it, follow the different steps provided below:

  1. Open the command console on your computer. Click on the start menu, go to the all programs then go the accessories. You can find the command prompt and click on it. This would be able to help you in letting you ping the website that you would like to know the IP address you need.
  2. Start to ping the address of a website. This could eventually send out a signal and go back to the information of the website that you have included. The format on this should go like this, ping “URL of the Website”.
  3. Press the enter button and you would be able to see the name of the website together with the address of it beside it.
  4. There should also be enough information on how long does it take for the command prompt to get the address you need.

Getting E-Mail IP Address

On the other hand, when you are getting the IP address of an email, you can consider doing the following things below:

  • Open the website of the email provider you are using.
  • Open the message you have received, go to the view menu, check the different options and make sure that you are able to view the different headers and extended information of it. This is called as the internet headers.
  • After that, there would be a window that will open where the IP address of the sender would be provided to you.
  • Copy the IP address and go to the command prompt once again and type “who is (IP address)”.
  • As you press the enter button, the information of the owner of the IP address will be shown to you.