How Can You Create Your Own Straight Through Cable?

Ethernet cables are used to connect devices with each other and make a small group of network or a large group of network. Network topologies are the diagram of each computers or devices which is considered the node, while the link or the connector of each device is the Ethernet cables.

straight through cable

How to Create your Ethernet Cable?

When creating something you will need materials. For the creation of standard Ethernet cable you will need the following:

  • Cat5o r Cat5e cable – it is the wired cable that may come in different colors.
  • RJ45 connector – usually seen on telephone ports.
  • Crimping tool – this tool is used to stick the RJ45 and the Cat5 together.
  • Cable tester – used for testing if the cable is functioning well.
  • Scissors
  • Stripper tool

straight through cable pinout

Here are The Steps to Make a Cable:

  • Measure the length of the cable you need and also add extra length for mistake, then cut it.
  • Cut at least a half inch on the end, with a scissor or a stripper, but make sure not to damage any of the colored wires.
  • Remove the twist form of each pair and arrange them accordingly.

White/orange, solid orange, white/green, solid blue, white/blue, solid green, white/brown, and solid brown

  • To make all the wire ends straight cut it with the crimping tool.
  • Get the RJ45, arrange it the tab side facing down and slide all the wires inside it. Make sure it reaches the gold colored end of the RJ45.
  • Examine the end if the wires are properly arranges and if it is reaching the gold colored end.
  • Get your crimping tool and insert the cable and connector in the 8-wire slot then press down tightly. You will hear a sound to ensure that the crimpling was successful.
  • Now it is time to do the other end of the cable. Since it is a standard cable you must do the same procedure from first to seventh step.

After both ends are done, you must get your cable testers and test if your cables are working.

  • Insert the cable into tester and run a wire test.
  • Last is to test it on your network. Attach the cable to your PC’s NIC and to the switch or hub.

Green lights must be seen.

  • Open Network Connections dialogue box in Windows.
  • Check if it shows an active and enabled connection on NIC.

What is With Straight Through Cable Colors?

Straight through cable colors must be in sequential form according to the RJ45 color code scheme. The arrangement must be white/orange, solid orange, white/green, solid blue, white/blue, solid green, white/brown, and solid brown, which is also represented by pin 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 numbers. Creating your own standard cable is easy.

To test furthermore, try to access the internet thru your browser if you have an internet service provider. If none, try to ping another computer by their IP address.

Making your own Ethernet cable can save you up money, especially if you purchase the materials in bundles. It is fun to learn something technical that not all ordinary people know. You might even get profit by making your own cables and sell them to your friends or family.

What is an Ethernet Straight Through Cable ?

Straight through are also known as the standard cable. These cables are used for networking which is usually connected to a switch, hub or routers. While crossover cables are used to connect pc to pc, this straight through cables won’t work in pc to pc.

Straight through was given as a name to standard cables to easily identify its structure which is the pin assignment on each endpoint. Point A and Point B of the cable have their corresponding pins. Pins on point A must be directly connected to the pin number on point B. For example, pin 1A must be connected with pin1B on the other end. And the same goes for other pins. If the sequence of the pin is not directly followed, the cable won’t work. Each end is composed of a transmitter and a receiver, if an end of the straight through cable pinout is mistakenly replaced with the same functionality, the cable will not function.