Preventing The Show My IP Location Situation

When hackers get inside your computer and internet system and then click the dialog box “show my IP location”, then you are in big trouble. IP addresses and internet connections should be protected and secured at all times. This is because sharing such information could lead to you being mistakenly arrested. This has already happened frequently in America wherein the neighbors have the same addresses and the rightful owner was handcuffed because the FBI has traced contents related to pedophilia being shared and distributed through the IP address. It was all a big misunderstanding because apparently, it was his neighbor doing the horrible act.

To prevent this from happening, you could hide your IP address through the following recommended steps listed below.

  1. Go to different locations with different connections.

IP addresses are not something you carry with you, or at least the laptop carries with itself. Your IP address at home will be different from the one that your local coffee shop or tea house will get. This is considered the easy way out because you are not really doing anything; you are just changing the IP address of your laptop. This can keep you safe.

  1. Download a software.

There are many ones available online: some of them are for free while some of them need payment. If you want total anonymity, even from your Internet Service Provider (who, by the way, records all the activities done over your connection: the sites you visit, the things you download, etc), you could install one for yourself.

Software such as Hotspot Shield allows you to always be in an incognito mode as it masks your addresses every time you use it. It also allows you to bypass firewalls and internet filters which, in turn gives you access to blocked websites.

  1. Do the sandboxing.

This is a term used wherein you run software and programs on their own virtual sandbox. Any performance and actions associated with this will not affect your operating system (OS); hence, protecting you from malware. If you are a Windows user, one good program that will allow you to do this will be Sandboxie. Aside from being free and accessible, it functions like a litterbox. Once you have finished surfing the internet or using another program inside Sandboxie, everything that could be used to be traced back to you will be thrown away.

  1. Get full service.

This could only be done when you subscribe to a Virtual Private Network. Commonly referred to as VPN, this allows you to create a virtual passage way wherein all data passing to it will be encrypted; hence, protecting you from hackers.

This is highly recommended for people who do sensitive things with their computer such as banking and financing since money and data is involved. For people who travel a lot and get different connections, experts recommend having this, too.

Do these things now and do not let others see information as if they have ticked the “show my IP location” dialog box.