Routers Vs Switches: Their Differences and Uses

In this generation, there are many people who were influenced by the technology; in fact, it became a part of their daily activities. Technology can give a lot of benefits and it also helps the people to have a better and easier life than before. One of the most popular forms of technology is a computer. The computer is just like a gadget that can offer a lot of activities. Computers are very essential to all people who are going to their work, school, appointments and many more. In order for you to use the better services of the computer, you must have your own internet connection. It will serve as your pass to surf the World Wide Web. There are two main ways to connect in internet connection. But what is the best for you? Routers vs Switches is a topic that you can read and listen to different people.

What is a Router?

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In the past decades, the concept of a router is unheard in every home. Nowadays the explosion of high speed, broadband, router and internet usage become popular across the globe. People who have a high-speed internet connection are having only one router in their home. The route can manage different important tasks that are connected to your networking at home. One of its tasks is to allow you to connect several computers to a single internet connection. It is a great help for those people who want to save their money because they don’t have to buy another internet connection.

You can see a lot of ports on the back of your router, the number of ports depends on the model you own. It also has an uplink port that allows you to connect on cable and high-speed modem. And the remaining ports are for your computers. If you are going to connect your cable modem in your router it will become an access point to the internet. The IP address of your computer that was assigned by your Internet Service Provider will assign on your router. Once you connect your computer in the router, it will automatically receive an internet connection.

What is a Router

What is a Switch?

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Backup switches can allow the people to share devices and networks that connected to the common ports. Switches have the same purposes as well as the router but it can give a better connection on different computers. If you are going to use this stuff you must get ready for your money because it is a little bit expensive. A switch is a device that contains a lot of network ports. It usually has 4 to 24 ports. It can provide internet connection on the other devices. A switch can connect into another switch. If you connect two switchers the computers on each switch are able to talk with each other. They can talk as long as they want in one connection.

If you want to know what is better between routers vs switches you must try these two devices. These devices have the same purposes and usage the only difference is switches can offer more services than the router. But the router is more affordable than switches.

What is a Switch