Network Switch VS Hub: Which One Is Better?

Many are still confused between the usage of Ethernet, Modem, Router and Hub. There seems to be a little competition happening around them but taking a look at them closely, they certainly have nothing to compete about because of the difference of their uses. For some reasons, switch was being replaced a modern network that instantly changes by many routers as well because of the improving technology that the world has to offer. To fully understand the difference of their functions, let’s take a look at network switch vs hub so that every confusing in your heads will be illuminated with good knowledge.

Actually, the Switch and the Hub have the same uses in computers because they are able to transmit date from one computer to another however the function it creates has a major difference.

Switch VS Hub

The Network Switch

Most of the people who are using the network switch are from private companies like call center. For those who don’t know the nature of being a call center agent, there are some things that they dial in the phone-like application that only they can understand. For instance, if they wanted to give themselves a 15-minute break, then all they have to do is to press Auxiliary Mode Option number 2. There are some times that their attention was being called by some Quality Assurance personnel for training, so they have to press Option Number 4. Meaning their computers are connected to one another that they can monitor what’s happening to their co-employees and they can broadcast messages one to another. Some social networking sites are usually banned to avoid schemes from employees.

The Hub

Switches can convert the LAN from a shared network to a large group of people regardless of their numbers and if you happened to have a smaller network of friends or clients perhaps, then all you have to choose is the hub because it works only at a limited amount of people. Each of the packets being transmitted takes a dedicated path from the source going to the destination, making a collision between computers. The Hub is primarily used in Nooks and libraries wherein a group of students gather together to make research. The hub is also the same as the Switch wherein limited sites are being viewed.

Network Switch vs Hub

They might be a little bit identical but the network switch is being used for a wider range of people. What’s wonderful in them is they cannot receive any packets from any systems to avoid traffic congestion on networks. Consider replacing the hub with a switch, then the dedicated path will be added 10 more Mbps channel, which is fast enough to use. However, consider first the usage of them before settling down for either of them. Each of them has their own distinct uses that cannot be compared one to another. As a future, the best thing you can do for yourself is to research more about the features that they are intending, as well as to research the online reviews of actual customers so that you will be more informed.