What You Need to Know About Network Security Key?

Technology has brought about convenience in the lives of the people. Wireless connection is one of its benefits to many. But with this convenient method of internet connection come risks. To solve any risks posed by this method, a network security key is needed to only grant internet access to authorized individuals.

Network Security Key

What is a Network Security Key?

This type of security key is what you will use to connect to a network. This is usually predetermined by the service provider and you will just need to have it entered on the space provided. You will not be given access to it unless you can provide this key. The key when given correctly will authorize you to manipulate it. For example in a wireless network that you have, once new devices will want to connect to it, a password whatever it is will be asked before you will be connected. In the event that you cannot provide it, you will not be allowed to use it. It is important that once you have it, keep it and make sure to remember it.

How to Fix Network Security Key Mismatch?

There are times that you will encounter that a box will prompt saying that there is a mismatch. You tried once again and then it prompts the same thing again. You double checked the security key that you have, just in case you typed it wrong but you found that it is exactly the correct password. You feel frustrated because you cannot connect to the internet. So, here are ways for you to fix it.

  • Login to your router – Once you are already logged in, go to the Operating System. Find wireless profiles, right click the Wireless Network, and click Network and Sharing Center so that you will have access to the basic options. In the top left corner, select Manage Wireless Networks.
  • Start troubleshooting – There are system generated trouble shooter which can help you detect any reasons why it fails to function correctly. You just need to run it and then see what it can do. However, there are times that it cannot fix the problem because the problem is so broad that the trouble shooter cannot identify what the real problem is and in this case you will need to try something else.
  • Fix it manually – If the system trouble shooter were not able to repair it, then you can choose to do it manually. You have to follow the same steps. The only difference is that you will do the checking manually. Once you are already at the Manage Wireless Networks option, right click the network which you are having a hard time connecting to. Right click it and choose properties. Click the security tab and then take time to check on its settings because you might have altered some of it without your knowledge that resulted for it not to function properly.
  • Disable antivirus software – One reason why you are sometimes having trouble on connecting is that the AV software that you have is preventing you from accessing it. If fixing manually does not fix the problem, then try to disable your AV software and see if it connects this time provided the password is correct. If it works then you can opt to totally disable the antivirus software.

How to Find Network Security Key?

Method 1: Find it on the hardware – It is sometimes indicated on the router or on the manual that is included on the package. Look for it. It is usually located at the bottom of the router. You can also take time to scan the manual and look for phrases such as security key, password and anything which you think is related to it.

Method2: At the lower left of your computer, right click the wireless network icon. Click open network and sharing centre, find the network that you wanted to know the password. Right click on it again and choose properties. Go to security tab, then under the security option, click show characters. The characters that will be shown are what you are looking for. The steps here vary depending upon the operating system that you are using.

How to Know What is My Network Security Key?

  • Set by default – This key is the default key that is predetermined by the service provider. This is what you will be using when you first set it up.
  • Set by yourself – Once you have successfully configured the router, you need to change the default password and have it changed to a stronger password.