How to Set Up a Netgear Wireless Router?

A wireless router is a device that acts in the same way with a router with the function of being a wireless access point. It is widely known as the access point to connect into the internet with your wifi enabled devices such as smart phones, netbooks, laptops, pcs, and tablets. Netgear wireless internet routers are known for its remarkable launching of its products.

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How to Go About Setting up a Netgear Wireless Router?

Upon purchase of your Netgear wireless router you are given the wireless router, the ac adapter, a blue Ethernet cable, the setup disc and warranty or support information cards. On the set up disc you are given the Smart Installation Wizard. This will help you throughout the process of setting up your device. There are two set up methods available for your Netgear wireless router. The first one is the Smart Wizard Setup, and the second one is the Manual setup.

Smart Wizard Setup installation will take up to 20 minutes to complete.

  • Step one: Insert the CD into your PC and then Accept the language option.
  • Step two: Click the Next button to proceed.
  • Step three: Click Setup to start the installation process and follow the wizard instructions.

Manual Setup of your wireless router may take a while.

  • Step one: Connect the router to the ADSL and connect your pc to it.
  • Step two: Configure the router settings to use the internet service.

To successfully connect to the internet with your wireless router you must successfully set the computer, modem, and router accordingly.

How to connect your wireless router, computer and modem?

  • Power off your PC.
  • Power off and unplug the ADSL broadband modem.
  • Find the Ethernet cable that links your pc to the modem.
  • Remove the Ethernet cable from the computer only.
  • Using the Ethernet cables connect it to the Internet port in your wireless router.
  • Find the blue cable in the package and carefully connect it into the LAN port on the wireless router (LAN port 1), and the other to the Ethernet port on your PC.

After setting up the wired connection, next is to turn on the devices in the correct sequence to avoid any failed connection.

  • Turn On the DSL modem and wait for two minutes.
  • Plug the power cord into the wireless router and into a power outlet then wait for a minute.
  • Power on your PC.
  • Observe the wireless router lights to verify if all are responding accordingly. All lights must be lighted up.

Next step is to connect to the wireless router through your PC by typing in or netgear router IP address,, in your browser’s address bar, and Click Enter.

  • A neatgear router login window will appear on the screen. Then fill in the fields:

Username: admin

Password: password

  • Successful logging in will prompt you a netgear router Setup Wizard window. Select Yes then click Next.
  • Click Done.

What are The Netgear Wireless Router Light Indications For?

The lights that you can see on your wireless router are indicators if your network is sending signals or receiving signals appropriately. Each light correspond to a specific connection. The Power icon represents the power of your router. Wireless icon that looks like a small letter d with excess curves must be lit after turning on the router. Internet icon that looks like looks like a match with signal waves around it represents your internet connection. If this is not lit, check your Ethernet cable and make sure that it is inserted properly in the Ethernet port. The last one is the LAN icon, it is the number 4. If the LAN is not lit you must check out on the cable from the computer to the router, and check if both ends are securely attached.

Netgear is a reputable company when it comes to wireless routers. They have developed several products which improve from time to time. The Netgear site is always available for consumers who need help about their device or if you are looking for a new wireless router, netgear gives you the opportunity to compare their items thru their online product comparison page.