The Uses of a Mobile IP Address

Internet Protocol address or IP address is the feature used by the internet to provide every user a location in this wide area network or WAN. This is not just a fancy way of identifying every user; this is used to identify the destination and the source of every packet of data that runs in the internet. This works the same way as the home addresses in a city. It is a way for the mailman to identify where the letter is going to and where it came from. Without the IP address, the data that is being transported in the internet every second of everyday will go to random places and there is no way for any user to access a certain website.

The people who created the internet started small so there are few addresses that they have to provide. But when they decided to release the internet to be used by the world, the numbers grew. That is when they created the Internet Protocol Version 4 or the IPv4. This is another way of giving certain addresses to every user. It is much wider that those things that were created before this version. At the current time this is still the version that is being used. But they are now preparing the new version which is the IPv6. This is because the number of the internet users has increased in the recent years.

The Mobile Internet

Another development was the rise of mobile internet. This prompted the developers to create mobile IP address to provide mobile internet their own location aside from the one provided by 3g networks and subnet IP addresses. The use of mobile IP address is not allowed because it hinders the mobile internet users to have more stability due to the looping of subnet providers all over the place. In simpler terms, the mobility that comes with phones will cause problems in the internet connection because it will cause the address to change the subnet every time the mobile phone will change its internet source. The mobile IP address on the other hand will provide the phone a static location in order for it to have a certain location even if the phone changes the internet source. This will make it easier for the data that is being transferred through the internet to be received and sent.

This problem will only occur in Wi-Fi connections because 3g connections have their own addressing protocol. They use the number integrated in the mobile phones to deliver the packet data. This connection is based on the Global System for Mobile communication. This means that the signal that is used to deliver the text messages and voice calls are amplified in order to accommodate the delivery of more data. This does not use the IP protocol because the network uses the number system.

IP addresses are one of the most important aspects of the internet because it is responsible for the accuracy of delivery of data. It is also responsible for the creation of certain websites making it easier for people to access the pages of the internet.