Linux VS Windows: The Comparison

Technology is now invading the whole world. There are many aspects of life that are said to be influenced by the use of technology. Technology is a big help in making things easier and faster. Daily tasks of human can be greatly affected by the use of technology. It is said that modern generation will be incomplete without having the presence of technology. Life before is also easier even without technology but because of the unstoppable changes that is continually happening in the world, there is a need of technology now. Many things have already evolved and changes for better. Many things are reinvented and innovated with the help of human ingenuity. With this, things can be more useful to the society and to the world. Humanity will surely benefits from this reinventions. Nowadays, things changes for better thus helping the world to do things faster, easier and more convenient. With technology’s presence, surely things will flow hassle free.

One device that is a result of the use of technology is computer. This device is all-known by many people almost all over the world. Computer is very popular since it is the most famous device that has biggest contribution to the world especially in terms of connections. It is a product of genius man that is invented long time ago yet continuously used and innovated generations by generations. There are many changes that computer has already undergone. There are many things that add to the usefulness of the product. Human cleverness will never stop making amazing changes that will be a great help in the use of computers at this present generation. This device has its general purpose, it can be programmed to carry out a set of arithmetic or even logical operations automatically. It can solve more than one kind of problem. It has the power to help humanity do their tasks easier and faster, also it can be an outlet in connecting to the world and it can also be a source of entertainment to many. The importance of computers will surely respond to the needs of the people in the modern era.

Computers cannot function fully without having any operating system. Operating system is said to be very essential in computer system for it manages computer hardware and software resources and also provides common services for many computer programs. Application programs in computers also need operating system to properly function. These can be found on almost any device that contains computer. In modern generation, there are already many types of operating systems. It includes the very popular Android, BSD, iOS, OS X, QNX, Windows Phone, IBM z/OS and the Linux and Microsoft Windows. Among these operating systems, windows and linux are very popular and most compared too. These two operating systems have their own advantages and also they differ in terms of their functions and user friendliness.

Linux VS Windows

Linux and Windows are both types of operating system in a computer but they also differ on what they can offer. Below are the stated difference between Linux and Windows. Users of computer can get ideas on whether which operating system will really suit their need and taste too.

  • Linux is said to be an example of Open Source Software development and Free OS while Windows is the family of OS from Microsoft, considered as the most famous OS in the world.
  • In terms of price, Linux can be distributed and downloaded for free at a lower and cheaper price while Windows are expensive depending on its version.
  • In terms of manufacturing, Linux is established by community and having Linus Torvalds as the man behind the operating system while Windows is created by Microsoft. Windows also allows other producers of computer to in distributing own computers with Windows pre-installed.
  • Linux can be utilize in many different computer hardware like tablet computers, video game consoles or mobile phones while Windows are only on PC’s desktops, servers, some phones and laptops.
  • Linux can be used by many people at ease because of variants that are also improving but it is said that Windows is still easier to use because of its advancements and changes.
  • In terms of reliability, the use of Linux is said to be more reliable for it can be used for a longer period of times without the need of restarting while Windows cannot really match of how reliable the Linux is.
  • Linux has varied software programs, games or utilities for free however Windows have greater selections, also for free but the majority of programs will be also expensive.
  • Linux versions can work in hardware devices that have driver support while Windows has larger support for hardware devices.
  • Linux is always been a secure operating system but can also be attacked while Windows can be considered as the weakest to viruses and other attacks.
  • Linux variants and programs are said to be open source and can allow users to customize their code while Windows are not said to be open source.
  • Linux has also dozen of different kinds of processors while Windows has only limited ones.
  • In Linux, there are only very few games that are available while in Windows, almost all games are said to be compatible.
  • Works in Linux can be done through Terminal and if there is a problem GUI is rarely of help in fixing them while in Windows GUI can control everything and rare issue about incompatibility.
  • Linux has BASH or the Bourne Again Shell as default shell that can support multiple command interpreters while Windows has a single command interpreter.

With those comparisons that Linux and Windows have, many can be given hints on what operating system to use. The two operating systems both provide advantages that will surely be helpful to many users. Both operating systems have strengths that might be the answer to any user’s call of their need and want. Computer is a very important device so operating system plays a very vital role in the use of technology. Technology will never stop into offering humanity many changes that are beneficial and something worth to adapt into.