Linksys WRT54GL Review

Linksys is probably one of the most popular companies which offer wireless routers. They are experts in giving people wireless connections in their homes and even in workplaces. They provide for the comfort and ease that customers need when it comes to connecting their computers and gadgets to the internet as well as connecting computers and wireless tools like printers without the use of any cable.

WRT54GL is the third released version of the WRT54G series. Unlike the previous versions, this one was made to support third-party firmware which is entirely based on Linux. From the Linksys WRT54GL review, the users had seen that the hardware is indeed the same as its previous version. However, there have been slight changes that have been implemented in the numbering scheme of the ports used. Instead of having 1 2 3 and 4, the 4-port switch has been converted to 3 2 1 and 0.

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Linksys WRT54GL

The Warranty

Of course, one of the reasons why individuals tend to purchase gadgets from companies is because of the implemented warranty. The warranty presented here allows the consumer to have the item that they purchase checked once difficulties are encountered or inefficiency of the service provided arises. However, though this is the case, companies only allow their customers to enjoy the warranty for a small period of time. The reason behind this is that the warranty is seen as an additional cost in the part of the company, which is why they give the user a reasonable amount of time which is enough for them to discover defects and other problems in order to provide fairness.

As for Linksys WRT54GL review, they are wondering as to the warranty given by the company. In order to answer that, you should first know that the warranty is broken down into two parts. The first of it is all about the defects in the materials used as well as with the workmanship. The said warranty is given for a year, but is however, different for those routers which are refurbished for they only allow a 90-day warranty for it. The second type of warranty gives light for those who are not knowledgeable about installing the router. The company gives out 90 days for technical support to get it up and running as well as an additional support whenever you have troubles as long as it is within the said period.


Though returns are accepted by them, as a buyer, you should know that they have return policy and a return period. Usually, you get to return the product you bought from the place or person whom you brought it. For example, if you went to an official distributor of the product then you can raise your case to them. The chances for this is that either you will be given a store credit which allows you to purchase materials within your credit or add money if it exceeds or get a full reimbursement. If by chance, a return policy has expired but you are still under warranty, then you can visit the customer service of the company to ask more questions about it.