What are The Necessary Configurations for Linksys Router?

You need a router in order to forward information between computer networks. There are many types of routers available in the market today and each of them is displaying different characteristics which make it even more convenient for you because you have plenty of choices to choose from. Choose only those that can bring the most traffic to you and will not become a burden no matter what your purpose is. One of the best choices is Linksys router.

linksys router

These routers are manufactured by Linksys, a company who markets data networking products and who are catering to small offices and businesses. These routers are crafted through the use of the latest wireless technology to make it more preferable over its competitors. It functions to make the connection of one or more devices to a single wireless network possible. Through the router, you can be able to have access to the wireless network available.

Top 16 Linksys Routers

1. WRT120N
2. WRT54GL
3. EA6700
4. EA6500
5. EA6300
6. EA4500
7. EA3500
8. EA2700
9. E4200
10. E3200
11. E3000
12. E1500
13. E1200
14. E1000
15. E900
16. E200

How to Log in?

linksys router login

Follow the following steps in logging in but these steps are applicable provided that everything is all set: the power is on and is already connected to a device, say your laptop.

Step1. Open your browser. Then type the number “” This number represents the IP address that Linksys usually use. Then press enter.

Step2. You will be directed towards the webpage of the company where you will be asked of the password. Of course, you will enter the default password that is predetermined by the company. Change the password for security purposes. The default password is way too main stream and can easily be checked online.

Step3. If the steps fail, repeat steps 1 and 2 to check if you have missed the steps. Or better yet check the cables if they are properly connected to your device.

How to Sign in?

  • Sign up for an account – Create an account first for you to fully manage and gain access to your router’s full features. This account will become your ticket to do so. Sign up now besides you will not be paying even a single penny when you sign up for it. The process will not be up for too long. It will only take few minutes. In the sign up page do not forget to check the box that says you understand the terms of services and license agreement.
  • Once you have signed up, what you register to it will now become the account that you will be using whenever you sign into their web page. Having an account will give you the freedom to do whatever you want on the router in the most convenient way possible.

How to Setup?

linksys router setup

  1. Check whether you have an active internet connection before you start the setup. You cannot begin setting it up if the connection is working so slowly or nothing at all. In the absence of the connection, contact your internet service provider the soonest time possible to take action on this.
  2. Setting up through a CD – This CD will help for the easy installation of this router. Insert the CD on the slot in order to begin installing. Follow the instructions found on the screen to begin with.
  3. Employ manual configuration – When the CD fails to do its job, do that thing manually. Connect the router to the computer together. Choose your desired connection, access the webpage, then manually input necessary details on the spaces provided. A single mistake on the set-up will lead to failure, so be guided always to limit chances of doing it wrong.

How to Reset?

It is very annoying especially when you browse the web and then the connection suddenly fails. When this happens, check your router because it might need a reset. Here are methods that you can employ.

Method 1. Try the hard reset – This is done through playing with the reset button.

Method 2. Try the soft reset – Reset is done through accessing the webpage and restoring factory defaults.

Method 3. Try IP address reset – This is also web-based but this time you are replacing existing address with new and working ones.