Linksys EA6300 Review

This is the modern age and so there are a lot of modern stuff that we see around us, even internet is actually a bit old. Wireless routers are now the newest trends. These are not very different from the normal routers and modems that we have at home. The only difference is that these routers have the capability to connect wirelessly. These types of routers are the same ones used by places and shops with free internet. This technology paved the way for people to connect wherever they are using smartphones, tablets or laptops.

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Linksys EA6300


There are so many brands of routers but so far, the best is the Linksys EA6300 according to many Linksys EA6300 reviews. This router has the basic capabilities of a normal router and some advanced features. This router is capable of connecting to the DSL modem and tethering the network to any device that can connect to the internet. It also includes one hard wire internet port at the back. It can also be set up easily because there are no CD’s required. It also has a 3.0 USB port that can connect other devices such as printers in the network. With this feature any device can access the printer with being connected to the main server, which is a desktop or a laptop. On top of that, the Linksys router also has a “beamforming” technology which allows the user to focus the wireless signal and improve the network connection. These facts can prove that this router can really improve the networking capability of certain devices just like what have been said in other Linksys EA6300 reviews.

Security Features

When it comes to security, Linksys EA6300 will not be outdated. This is because it has a WPA2 encryption that will stop other unknown and unrecognized devices from accessing the network. By doing this the network will stay within the users themselves. It also have a firewall aside from the one integrated in the computer to prevent viruses and spams from the internet. The parents can also have the power to control the websites that their children are trying to access using the smart Wi-Fi. If ever there are visitors, the Linksys EA6300 can provide a guess network for them. This will prevent you visitors from accessing important files in the network.

There is much news about how the future of these routers would be when the Internet protocol version 6 or IPv6 will come out. This is because many of the old routers will become unusable. The Linksys EA6300 is actually integrated with an IPv6 so even if the internet protocol will change soon this router will still be performing.

This router can also adapt to the different bands of frequencies to accommodate many types of wireless device. On top of that, the channel settings in the graphical user interface can be changes in order to find the one that matches and works best with all the devices in the network.

As of today, Linksys EA6300 can provide all of the needs of a modern wireless network. It also provided some additional features for a safe and guilt free connection. As time goes from now, there will be more.