Linksys EA2700 Review

The Linksys EA2700 router is the new model from the Linksys EA series of routers. This price range for this particular router starts at $99.99 but you may be able to get a lesser price from online stores or shops. This Linksys EA2700 Review will give you more information about the featured product so you will be able to make an informed decision.

The EA router series are not too different from the E series router in terms of hardware but the EA series are more updated with when it comes to software. The latter features the Cisco Connect Cloud which is an Internet based service that provides the users remote access in which they can control their home network using a mobile device or browser.

Linksys EA2700

Hardware and Specs of the EA2700 Router

The EA2700 is the upgraded version of the EA2500 router and it is a dual band type of router which makes it capable of producing 300Mbps on both of the bands which makes the Internet connection a lot faster even when they are too many devices connected on the network. This router is unlike its predecessors since it does not have a USB port and instead have Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

How to Setup The Router

According to some of the Linksys EA2700 Review, this router is by far one of the best devices for newbies since they won’t have to go through a lot of trouble in setting up the home network. The first step is to simply connect the router and then start the CD for setup. The wizard will then check the system for any updates and the setup of the router will then be automated. After a couple of clicks on the setup wizard, the router will then configure by itself which is basically very simple. There is no need to enter the SSID and password of the wireless network since it will generate automatically. But for security purposes, users can actually change the SSID and password during the setup process.

The Cisco Connect is known for their user friendly features in which even the newbies won’t get intimidated. You really do not have to be a computer genius to set up your home network since the instructions on the box are actually self explanatory. Users can also easily access and change the setup of the router and other settings such as parental controls, guest access and other general tasks.

Final verdict for Linksys EA2700

Linksys is a well known brand for routers and modems so when it comes to brand and name factor, you can be assured that you are actually making a good choice. The router is dependable in the sense that it has features that are easy to manage and understand. The features of the router are also designed to provide better signal and service so many devices will be able to have Internet access without the possibility of slowing down the connection. This is a great buy for less than a hundred dollars and what makes the router really stand out is its Cisco Connect software.