Linksys E900 Review

If you do not live alone or if you have plenty of gadgets which are Wi-Fi capable, then it is probably best to invest in and buy a router. In the world today where we are always expected to be connected, even our other gadgets must be able to access the web easily. For different kinds of connections, a router is needed to share these networks to the other devices, and not just the main device.

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Linksys E900

Some Things To Take note Of

Choosing the wrong router can pose several problems and you wouldn’t get your money’s worth. One of the most unbearable things in the world is not having a stable internet connection. Imagine being unable to send a bunch of files because the internet gets interrupted every now and then. With that said, it is important that you choose a router wisely. You have to choose not only the router manufacturer but the models too. This article will be a Linksys E900 review. It will focus mainly on the features of this router.

Linksys E900

This router is the entry level router for the Linksys N series. From the N300 series, it’s closely tied with the E1200 v2. It features the usual ports routers are built with: it has 4 Ethernet ports on which you connect the devices via LAN cable. It has an internet port where the main cable is attached. Next up, it has a Wi-Fi protected setup button which is usually used to configure wireless security on devices with Wi-Fi.

There is a power indicator which is turned on most of the time when there is both power and internet connection. Of course, there is the power where AC power adapter is connected to. A green activity indicator is also present and it means that something is connected to the Ethernet ports.

For the CPU, it sports a Broadcom BCM5357C0 Intensi-fi XLR 802.11n Router. Its switch is In BCM 5357. It also comes with a 32 MB RAM and an 8 MB Flash capacity. It has a radio that runs 2.4 GHz in BCM5357. Visually, it looks to be flat, designed to be placed on flat surfaces since there are no indication of any wall mounting capabilities.

One downside though, is that it does not come with a USB port for sharing drives and printers.

But on the other hand, it does not have lights on the top side which is a plus because at times, flashing lights can disrupt the sleep of people.

Some pros include it being relatively inexpensive costing at about 27 USD. Also, it comes with a 100 Mbps wire-speed routing. Some cons have already been mentioned above, with it having no guest WLAN. Another down side is that it has no internet service and no URL blocking.

These are just some of this router’s features. Some routers unlike this one do not have wireless capabilities. You have to make sure not to choose those because most devices now are Wi-Fi capable. It wouldn’t do to only have LAN ports. This Linksys E900 review is one of the major basis that you can use for deciding whether to invest in this router or in other models.