Linksys E4200 Review

Why settle for slow when you can have fast connections instead? One of the major dilemmas of most internet users is the slow connection that they get. Sometimes, the connection is interrupted by something and it takes forever when you download or upload videos, files, images, and other things online. If you can remember the oldest dial up connection, take note of how it was and why it was such a major hang-up that caused headaches while you are waiting for your download to be completed.

One of the main factors that affect the internet connection is type of router you are using. If the router lacks certain specifications and features, it will surely give you a slow connection. If you are downloading or transferring files from one computer to another, it will take longer than you expect. That is why looking for the right quality of router is very important. One of the most highly recommended routers is the E4200 version of Linksys. This was known for its super fast connection and is one of the favorite routers for online gamers, and for those who loved to download movies, games, and large files online.

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Linksys E4200

What Is The Linksys E4200?

According to the Linksys E4200 Review, this router provides top quality connections to desktop computers, laptop, notebooks, tablets, and mobile devices. It has a 4-port Ethernet Gigabit switch. Added to its top of the line features is its UPnP AV server that was built-in. This router is dual band so it can guarantee fast performance.

Capabilities of E4200

This type of router is capable of producing top-notch speed on different devices such as Wi-Fi devices, different game consoles, internet ready televisions, and more. It can provide a maximum speed of 300 to 450 megabytes per second of internet connection at home or at the office.

Unlike other routers, this device has the capacity to operate its wireless connection at the maximum range. It has a built-in antenna, which is the 3×3 MIMO that can boost the strength of your signal. So you can move anywhere with your notebook, laptop, tablet or mobile device without breaking the connection.

Network Security and Firewalls

According to the Linksys E4200 Review, it has a SPI firewall and a WPA2/WPA encryption that can protect your network from intruders, unwanted connections and threats. The connection can be locked with a personalized password so you can control sharing your connection and network bandwidth.

File Transfer and Downloads

If you want a faster download and file transfer, you can use its Gigabit Ethernet ports. You can choose from its four ports. This type of connection is wired. However, the connection is uninterrupted and it has 10 times the speed compared to the typical Ethernet.

Larger Bandwidth compared to the standard router network

This device has the capacity to double its bandwidth size so you can maximize your entertainment experience. You can watch HD videos, transfer files, and play online games fast and smooth. This router is also best for a person who is working online and is always on the run. If you value your time and you want to catch up with all the deadlines, choose E4200 Linksys.