Linksys E3000 Review

A high performance router is always a great asset to have. No internet user will like it if their router produces slow internet performance. Most of us today are using the internet for lots of things like communication, business, studies, and entertainment so we do not want that our connection is interrupted easily or they need to wait for hours to get their downloads done.

That is why the best solution is the Linksys E300. This is one of the higher versions of Linksys router and has undergone certain modifications which makes improves its performance and capacity. This device is highly optimized, and that is why you can get the fastest output for your Wi-Fi connection. This is the best type of router for small businesses and high-end internet users.

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Linksys E3000

The Product Features of E3000

Part of its renowned features was its NAS capabilities. It has USP ports for device and hardware connections and UPnP media server. It has modified the previous Linksys versions and transforms its router capacity into 6 2×3 internal antennas. So you can expect changes to its speed and range of connection.

How to Set Up

According to the recent Linksys E3000 Review, this product is easy to install. All you need is to connect the device to your main computer and to your power outlet and turn on the device. The computer will automatically open an installation window and extract the files. All you need is to click on the “next” sign until the entire installation process is complete. The interface of this device is already set to an advance setting.

Added to its setup grouping are the USB drives where you can manage your storage. It consists of subareas like the administration, FTP server, disk, and the media server. Setting up these four sub-areas will allow you to manage your files and create backups by transferring your files to your external hard drive and other storage drives.

Performance and Capabilities of E3000

Since E3000 was modified and optimized for greater capabilities, you can see the difference of it from the previous versions like the E1000 and E2000. Based on its Linksys E3000 Review, it has the capacity to stream HD movies and videos at the best speed and quality. You can also stream HD photos and high quality music without having problems with the consistency of connection and interruptions.

Since the video capability is high optimized for its maximum performance, gamers can play with their favorite online games without having lags and higher ping levels. They will have no problem playing with multiplayer games because it has a larger bandwidth.

For small businesses, this internet router has the capacity to speed up your connection for better and smoother online transactions. You can talk to clients and other important people on Skype without having problems with the connection. You can also do conference meetings using video calls smoothly.

This device is fully packed with top quality features that guarantee high performance. So don’t waste your time on slow routers that can hang you up for hours and reduce your efficiency at work and at business. Try the E3000 today.