Linksys E1200 Review

Everyone has been amazed by the power of technology to connect people from all parts of the world through the internet. As time passed by, it can’t be denied that there have been some clear changes due to constant developments made by the technologically skilled and inclined individuals. To make this even clearer is the manifestation that is covered by the fact that most people nowadays are not using the traditional direct connection of internet through Ethernet cables, but rather, they have already shifted to the use of wireless fidelity or Wi-Fi.

Linksys E1200

Why Wi-Fi is Important?

The very reason why wireless fidelity is very important or essential for that matter revolves around the fact that it is also called the Wireless LAN which gives the impression that your computers and other devices could get connected to the internet without the use of cables. This is very helpful since most homes have problems with their wirings which cause a ruckus within the house because of being entangled. In addition to that, these wires are also unpleasant to the eye which might decrease the whole look of a place.

How is Wi-Fi Generated?

If you are familiar with Linksys routers then you already know the answer to this. Anyway, for the sake of those who do not know or are still finding more information about it, Wi-Fi is generated through the use of routers in order to create hotspots. Moreover, these hotspots don’t only let you connect through the internet but also lets other computers connected to the same router to access their public documents. Also, if there are wireless printers it could directly be accessed by computers and get their work done in just a bit.

A Linksys E1200 Review

A part of the E-series, the Linksys E1200 is the router that is best fit for places such as flats, homes which are of standards size, and residence halls. Unlike other routers, this one has a Wireless-N which is given at 2.4 GHz, a 4-port and fast Ethernet switch along with a high speed which is up and about 300 Mbps.

Key Features

  • Advanced Security – Since this is a part of the E-series of the Linksys routers this thing already has the advanced security that is the WPA2 wireless encryption. It is also coupled with integrated firewall which keeps the user’s network protected from individuals who are planning to hack inside their computers.
  • Wide Wireless Coverage – Apart from the WPA2 and integrated firewall, it also has the MIMO antenna technology which is the reason as to why there is a broad coverage of Wi-Fi so that individuals may enjoy it anywhere they are in their homes.
  • Quick to install – According to Linksys E1200 review, Cisco Connect helps a lot in setting up your network by following just a few and easy steps.
  • Easy to Manage – This is probably one of the needed attributes that a router has since it could give out password protected networks intended for guests, limited access for parental controls, and performance of regularly automated software and firmware updates which has been regarded to as very important in Linksys E1200 review.