How to Use The IP Subnet Calculator

For those who still don’t know yet about subnet, it used to define a group of network devices being connected all together. Its purpose is to allow the flow of website traffic between the hosts and eventually, the network configuration will be separated. This also takes the requirement of an IP address and a net mask to be able to calculate the resulting network and host range. Through identifying the second net mask, you can determine the design of subnets and super nets, or you can also set it yourself. It is also used a teaching tool to understand binary-values and codes.

Subnet Mask

It has an acceptable measure of 32-bit address or approximately about 4 bytes that is used to part network traffic with an IP Address. It means that all transmission is being controlled for the sake of a particular subnet. Logarithms are being used when it comes to dealing subnets and you have to match all of them so that everything will be in place. The Subnet Calculator is mostly and commonly used by IT professional because they are the ones who can understand the difference of subnet masks and IP address through mathematical algorithm.

How to Do the IP Subnet Calculator?

IP Subnet calculator maybe the most straightforward ways to find the comprehensive list of internet as well as technical information, when it comes to Subnet mask and IP Address so these are the things that you need to enter in the Subnet Calculator:

  • IP Address
  • Subnet Mask
  • Additional Information such as Start Host Address, End Host Address, Max No. of Hosts, Network Address, Broadcast Address, Network Class, Network Address Size and Host Address Size

The first bits can determine the class of your network. For instance, if ever your network is in private according to RFC 1918. When the net mask is being marked in different colors, it means that it is exhibiting subnets the new bits. Also, there is an element called wildcard wherein the net mask is used to access Cisco routers. Cisco router is the one that integrate technologies as well as to give access applications and services needed for the device.

online ip subnet calculator

Other Terms Used


The wildcard is the opposite of net mask where its main function is to control and use by firewalls so that the contact list will be easily accessed.


IP Broadcast Addresses are being used in single-packet delivery. The main purpose of this IP Broacast Address is to send the IP packet using a broadcast address. It can only be utilized by the destination IP Address and the router used cannot go forward towards the broadcast packet.

How to Split your Networks into Subnets

The answer is simple. Here below is the instruction that you need to fill up in order for you to complete the subnets:

  • Enter the address and the Net mask of the original network
  • Type in the second Net Mask

The Benefits of Subnetting

This depends upon the situation. In the real life situation, it can enhance the routing efficiency and have some advantages in network management. Subnets are arranged logically depending on how they were structured. Internet Protocol version 4 can designate many formats to utilize the functionality of special IP addresses. So far, the first and the last subnets are being gained by the subnets. IPv4 uses all one host address and the broadcast transmission to the entire host that is listed in the link. All-ones subnet is also being used.

The IP Subnet Calculator

This allows subnet network calculations by utilizing:

  • Maximum required IP subnets
  • Mask Bits
  • Networks class
  • Subnet Mask
  • Subnet Bits
  • Maximum required host per subnet

There is also ACL or the Access Control lists, subnet ID, broadcast address and the subnet address range for the resulting subnet network and a bitmap. For another type of subnetting such as classless supernetting, you can use the CIDR calculator. And as for the classful supernetting, the IP Subnet Calculator is mostly being used. For the simple ACL, you can calculate the wildcard mask and as for calculating it, ACL Wildcard Mask Calculator is being used. Online calculators are free from any charges when being used. Their official website is