IP address Scrambler and Internet Security

Internet Protocol address or IP address is the system that the internet uses in order to give a specific location for every internet user. This is a very important part of the whole internet mechanism because it is the one responsible for the accuracy of the destination of data. In short, this address makes sure that everything we upload or download will go to a specific place. Without IP addresses, the images that we download to the internet might be saved in somebody else’s computer – halfway around the world. The same is true in the statuses we post on Facebook.

The IP address is also the one responsible for the total headcount of internet users in the world. The subnet for every address is not included in this one. The thing that everyone must remember is that an address is unique to every user under a specific network. By the time the number of users surpasses the IP’s capacity, the IP must have a new version in order to accommodate everyone. The IP version that we are using today is called the version 4 or the IPv4 but the programmers have already developed a new version that can accommodate everyone in the form of the version 6 or IPv6.

Dynamic and Static

When people apply for an internet service provider or ISP, they have a choice between static and dynamic internet addresses. A static IP address is usually used for businesses that have their own website. Static IP addresses never change; this allows the website to maintain its location and it makes it easier for people to find the website. Websites like Facebook.com and Google.com have static IP addresses because they are servers and they need to be easy to find in order to maintain their business. This is the reason why residential customers have dynamic addresses – they don’t need to be in the same location; their IP address changes every time they access the internet.

The downside of static IP addresses is the same fact that they are easy to find. This makes the job of a hacker so much easier. The static location of these addresses allows the hackers to locate their target in the cyber space with ultimate accuracy making it easier to hack and to steal. Even though these businesses will have a security system, skilled hackers will have the ability to crack and cause problems. This is where the IP address scrambler comes in. IP address scrambler is the technique used by many businesses to confuse the network about the IP address without confusing the people who are trying to locate it legally. This might sound so fancy but it is actually easy to do especially for residential users. They just have to open the command prompt of the main computer or the server and type “ip /release”. This will let go of the current IP address and in order to have a new one they just have to type “ip /renew”.

This technique will change the current location of the network in the cyber space making it harder to find. This should be done especially for computers that contain a lot of sensitive files in order to avoid being hacked. For static IP addresses, there is much complicated process but a good computer programmer will be able to do it easily.