Basic Information About IP Address Management Conflict

As an owner of an internet connection, you will always have to face the issue of IP Address management. IP, which stands as an abbreviation of internet protocol serves as your identification with your service provider. There will be instances that there will be conflicts with such. You would know it when a message that says “IP Address Conflict” pops up and displays on your laptop. If you want to know more about how to manage it, here are some things that you should know.

  1. Why does it happen?

Usually there are four reasons for such.

  • One, two or more computers have the same static IP addresses. Ideally, this should not happen as such always have to be unique.
  • Two, the IP address assigned for the computer falls under the range of the DHCP; yet, the server of that DHCP has already assigned that same address to another computer.
  • Three, a computer, either a laptop or a desktop, has been put in a sleep or hibernate mode. It was then switched on while being connected to another server.
  • Four, the computer may have conflict with itself if it so happened that you have multiple network adapters.

In a nutshell, the conflict happens when something that is supposedly unique is copied or imitated, whether by accident or intentionally, by another computer.

  1. How do I resolve this?

Usually, this type of error fixes itself automatically. However, if you want to know what IP Address management conflict is, here are some quick fixes that experts have provided.

  • Renewing your address. This could be easily done by a prompt. All you need to do is type the IPCONFIG command (abbreviated form of IP configuration) and you would be given specific details about your connection.
  • Reconfiguring the static address. You could try another static address as long as it is on the same subnet as the original one. To assure that you are not going to get another address that a computer has been using, you could check the simple ping address.
  • Using DHCP. There are computers that do not need to use static IP addresses in order to connect to the internet. All he needs to do is choose DHCP. This is more recommended than manually configuring the IP Address for yourself especially if you are not that well-versed with certain Information Technology (IT) and hardware information. DHCP servers know which addresses have already been taken by other computers; hence, making sure that the one assigned for you is already unique.
  • Update your router. There are instances that error of IP address conflict occurs because of instrument error. Your hardware malfunctions which make it assign similar addresses to various computers. You could call your technician to take care of this. Your service provider could also take care of this.
  1. What do I do when none of the solutions posted above solves my problem?

You could ask graduates of IP Address Management (IPAM) on things that you need to do.

Avoid address conflicts now.