HSPA VS 4G: Dealing With Pros and Cons

It can’t be denied that our world has indeed involved through time. Before we only use letters in order to be able to communicate with other people in the world and even before we only use manual storage in order to be able to keep files and important documents in tact which isn’t as effective as people initially thought it would be. Today there has been some debate regarding differences in HSPA vs 4G which is why to clear things out you should be able to know both of these technologies advantages and disadvantages.


4G Pros and Cons

There has been a wide change in the utilization of technology. Long time ago, the world only had 1G, 2G, 2.5G, and 3G but now since there is still a growing demand when it comes to internet access the 4G technology has been introduced in the market. This fourth generation of wireless system is currently offering a data transfer of 20mbps while coupled with a mobile speed of 200km/hr. The frequency of it has also been increased to 2-8 GHz in order to avoid interference especially with very important data transfer and activities. Another advantage that can be seen while using 4G technology in HSPA vs 4G is that it is cost efficient for even though it has high speed and capacity it still has an associated low cost per bit once employed.

Now the drawback for this technology is the fact that once you are still on the process of installing and using it the cost is very expensive due to its complex hardware which is why if that is the case you will have to keep in your mind its worth. Also, make sure that you are willing to sacrifice some expenses in order to get the fourth generation technology. For avid mobile users you must also keep in mind that this technology tends to get more battery than the lower generation technology.

HSPA Compared

So to kill the differences between HSPA vs 4G, you may have to be aware that High Speed Packet Access is involved with the 3G network technology. First of all since is a downgrade of 4G, it is expected that the transfer rate is lesser than the previous one. Anyway, the good thing about having this type of technology is that it is very much affordable and has already been incorporated to most mobile devices even before smart phones had existed. Actually, even newly-introduced phones are still using 3G technology since it helps a lot in not letting the battery drain as fast as what the 4G can do.

There will always be differences that would arise but with that difference you should remember that there will always be advantages and disadvantages involved that is why you will have to weigh your odds accordingly to have the best result there is. And also, never forget about yourself and your ability to acquire one. Never sacrifice your needs for something that you only want so that you will not regret it when the time comes.