How to Make My Printer Wireless

Setting up the printer can be one of the most frustrating things to do. Sometimes the printer would not be recognized, other times it will just be printing out random things and you do not even know what the problem is. In any case, setting up printers is a hassle so this guide will be helpful for you, especially since setting wireless printing is such a hassle.

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How to Make My Printer Wireless

How to Make My Printer Wireless

Basically, what you would be doing is to synchronize your computer with wirelessly using a set router as the printer server. To do this, you have 1 of 2 options. First would be a disjointed wireless printing server, or do it through remote host, in this case, by a wireless router.

Often times you can save yourself some trouble because some printers already have an in built wireless printing server. With such features, you wouldn’t have to go through some necessary steps which are a pain to do in reality. Before anything else, here are some tips to take note of.

Steps to Follow

First, you need to make sure that both your computer and the printer are capable of wireless access. Having both without wireless technology means it is impossible to set up a wireless printing in the first place. The router should also be capable of wireless access and host at least 3 to 4 computers at a time. Most routers can do this anyway.

Now here are the steps you need to do. Use a router which can serve as a printing server. If it is built into your printer, the better. Next is to go to the control panel, then select “add hardware”. Your printer should show up among the list if you made sure it was connected wirelessly to your router. If you are having problems connecting your printer, it could be due to security software or the firewall of your computer. In any case, select the printer of your choice.

Technically that is all you need to do. Once you have done the above steps, then your printer should be synchronized with your computer already. It would pop out from the list of available printers every time you try to print something.

Another additional feature is that you would be able to share your printer over a local network or LAN. It is easy to do. First, you have to make sure that the others who you want to share the printer with are also connected to the local network. Then you go to control panel then into the installed hardware section. You then select on the printer and click “share this device”. By doing so, your printer will become visible for others if they would try to print something.

Knowing how to make my printer wireless is a boon in most scenarios especially in the office where productivity can be increased by reducing the hassle the employees have to put up with. Wireless printers also work fast and smoothly. Good luck with your endeavour.