How to Hook up Wireless Printer

Convenience is not just to please people with limited patience. Convenience actually increases productivity. By spending less time on mundane tasks and not losing your cool doing so, you actually become more productive because you do not get stifled by such things.

This applies to a lot of things in life and it also applies to printer. An office worker at some point in his / her life have surely had one or two bad days because the printer is acting weird and not cooperating. The convenience of wireless printing would make a lot of people’s days better. This article will teach you why a wireless printer is important and how to hook up a wireless printer.

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How to Hook up Wireless Printer

Benefits of a Wireless Printer

Having wireless printing has tons of benefits. For starters, wireless printers look better! They do not have those clunky wires all over the place which is more pleasing to look at. While on this subject, wireless printers also eliminate the problems one might get from wires in general. These are several such as tugging the wires too much can cause them to get damaged. Also, especially with old printers, the wires do not get detected a lot of times. This will bring with it so much hassle which can be ignored when you get wireless printers.

Wireless printers save up a lot of space and reduce risks from wires such as short circuiting and tripping over the wires. It seems trivial, but a lot of people have already experienced tripping over some wires causing bodily harm. It is better to do away with all that and opt for wireless printing.

Setting up your Printer

To set up wireless printing you would need a few pieces of hardware. The first and obvious one is the need for a wireless printer; otherwise none of this will become possible in the first place. You would also need a wireless router. The router is where you would be connecting the printer to, especially if you would be doing this over the local area network. The printer is now usually equipped with a wireless network interface card or WNIC which makes it more versatile, reducing cords and gives it a cleaner look.

Now would be how to hook up a wireless printer. This is easily done, first is to make sure that the printer is wireless-connected to the router. Then the next step would be for you to go to the control panel of your computer, select the “add hardware” option. The printer should show up on the list if it successfully connected to the router. Select the printer and you are good to go. It should show up now on the list of printers available if you would attempt to print anything.

You would think wireless printers would be more expensive due to added functions, but such is not the case. Wireless printers are priced almost the same as wired ones, so you just have to choose wisely. Using it is also the same as those that come with wires; only, without the hassle of keeping the cord intact.