How to Find and Secure Wi-fi Password

People are getting busier with their online lives right now and one of the requirements when they go to a restaurant is it has a Wi-Fi connection so that they can still work on with their deadlines. However, come to think about it, when you are being connected to a Wi-Fi, there is no assurance that is has a double firewalls to protect your connection as well as your device. Nowadays, more and more Wireless Access Point is being protected by passwords to avoid people from hacking the connection. Most of the Wi-Fi intruders and hackers just want to get a little bandwidth for them to check their email or whatever needs they have yet there’s also some of them who just wanted to ruin the whole Wi-Fi experience.

how to find wifi password

The Dangerous Places

So far, there are intended wi-fi experiences being provided in hotels, coffee shops and airports so that even during the break, they could still access their jobs or social networking sites. Even if the Wi-Fi is being secured with a password, front officers are still giving everyone the same password as long as they are the establishment’s clients. Professional hackers usually hang in the place to look for the perfect time to exhibit their hacking skills.

How to Avoid Password “hackers”

The most common thing that hackers are doing is to access the firewall on the outside. When you are having a public Wi-Fi network, then you must be sharing your network to anybody else whether you know them personally or not. It is okay to use them, of course, but it would have been a better idea if you remove your flash drive so that your stored data will be protected. You must also watchful and vigilant in transmitting data over the wire because some professional hackers might be able to access them – especially your corporate e-mail and bank account credentials. Your social networking sites are retrievable over time.

How to Feel Protected at Home

There are some instances that homeowners open their Wi-Fi publicly but when you try to connect your device to the connection, viruses will be transmitted unlimitedly. At your home, it is better to set up a different connection that is being protected by a password so that no one is able to access the connection. If you lived in a relatively unpopulated area with a small WAP coverage area, then you could probably spot the suspected hacker up close. In hacking, the hacker must be physically close to the connection so that it would be easier for him to send transmissions to the router. However if you lived to a populated place, it would give more advantages to the hacker to ruin the whole system because he has less chances to be identified with at the first place.

How to Crack the Code

Cracking Wi-Fi passwords may be the easiest way to answer to your prayer to get a temporary internet access. As for the WPA2-PSK, the only way to crack the code is through aircracking or coWPAtty.

  • Step 1: Internet data is sent in the form of encrypted packets because of the firewalls protects the router. With these packets they are already secured with network security keys. Get hold of the key so that you can access the wireless internet connection. There are two basic types of encryption being used:
  • WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)

So far the most basic form of hacking. This has become unsafe to use since it can be cracked easily. There are many hackers using this style in order to access mobile banking of other users.

  • WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access)

This is far different from WEP because of the security it beings. You will need the use of wordlist when you crack the code. This is a trial and error kind of game. So far, WPA-2 is the most secured encryption alternative ever used.

  • Step 2: Set up CommView for Wi-Fi
  • You have to download the zip file first of CommView for your Wi-Fi and then extract the file and run it. After some minutes, you may be able to install the CommView for Wi-Fi. Click the play icon afterwards.
  • Step 3: Select the targeted Network
  • Choose a network with the highest signal and choose the most decibel value for the WEP Network. Then, wait for a short period of time and the Wi-Fi password will be revealed initially.