What You Need to Know About Dlink Router

DLink is known to be one of the most famous brands that provide various networks that people and groups can use in order for them to have a good way to setting up a network. This type of router is not just any ordinary hardware that you can set up so that you can start getting connected to a network or the intenet; it’s also capable of providing various commands that you can use for the benefit of your network. There are many things that you can do for your router depending on the model that you got there, and it comes in small to big models that are perfect depending whether you’re just setting up a Wi-Fi network or a huge workgroup that needs file sharing and many things.

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dlink router

IP Address

The IP address of the DLink router is known to be the identifier of the network that you’re in. Once that your router is successfully connected to the devices, it will give all devices special IP addresses that are related to the main IP address which is the router itself. You can also use this IP address to access the configuration of the device in order for you to change the settings according to your preference. This is known to be unchangeable unless you’re very knowledgeable with networking and router settings.

dlink router ip address


This is known to be the password for you to access the configuration of your device once you log in using the IP address. This is a password that can be found under the router, and will also require you a certain type of username. This credential can be changed in the router configuration once you fully accessed the router’s settings. This is very important to change especially if you’re going to change a lot on your router so that no one can ever mess with it.


This is known to be the requirement for you to log in to your router’s settings as you access its IP address. You can change the username and password of the device once that you have fully logged in to the IP address. The default username and password of the device can be found under the router itself if you’re planning to access it for the first time. If it’s not there, check the official site of DLink since all routers might have various default login credentials.

DLink Wireless Router

dlink wireless router

For those who just love to access Wi-Fi for their smart phones while the router is directly connected to the computer, then you can just purchase a wireless router from DLink. This device grants you LAN and WLAN connections at the same time. However, you need to change the Wi-Fi password and name if you want to make it private to access so that no one can steal your bandwidth.


The address of your DLink router is the indicator of its uniqueness. This is also called as the MAC ID of your router. This is needed whenever you want to ask for technical assistance for your device, and this is also known to be very important for your router. This is often found under the device along with the IP address and the login requirements for the settings.


This is known to be the user interface for your device, and is the very settings for your router so that you can tweak it according to your preference. This is where you can change the connectivity of your router. You need to know the IP address of your router to access this feature. You can monitor the different networks that are currently connected in this part of the configuration as well.


There are various settings that you can change in your DLink router so that you can customize it according to your preference. Here are as follows:

  • Setup – This is the basic setup of your router. You can change settings in general in terms of connectivity, and this is also the part where you can change the Wi-Fi settings.
  • Advanced – This complicated version of the setup lets you see the various devices that are connected to the router, and you can tweak various elements of their connectivity with this option as long as you’re the administrator.
  • Tools – This is the part where you can change the login credentials for administrator and user levels, plus it will let you remotely manage your networks as well.
  • Status – This will let you check the various information about your router such as the IP address, the LAN, WAN and so as the WLAN.
  • Support – This is where you will be able to know most of your router’s details for you to fully learn the capabilities of your device and how to control it.

How to Reset DLink Router

This will reset the whole settings of your device back to its original factory configuration. In order for you to successfully do this, you need to find the little hole on the back of your router – this is the reset button. Use a pin or any other thing that can fit in to that hole, and hold it for almost 15 seconds until the lights change. This will indicate that your router has completely been reset back to its original settings.

DLink Router Default Password

You can get back this password upon resetting the device, and you can still find it under the device since it has a label. This will let you access the login page without problems – unless someone changes it. You can change this at any time as long as you’re fully logged in to the router.