What Crossover Cables You Might Need

Crossover cables are useful when it comes to your network building. It is commonly used as a temporary connector of devices when there is no switch, hub or network router present within your peripherals. There are plenty of Ethernet cables available in the market, identifying a crossover cable on your own might not be easy if you are not technically inclined.

Crossover Cables

How to Identify a Crossover Ethernet Cable

One of the most checked thing when you see a cable is the arrangement of its wirings by looking at the end of the RJ-45 connectors. A crossover cable put transmit signal wires and receive signal wires in reverse. Standard wire arrangement has a definite sequence of the colored wires on each end, while the crossover ones have the first and third wires, and the second and sixth wires crossed which can be determined through counting from left to right.

Other manufacturers of Ethernet cables make it a habit to put a label on the packaging or wire casing for people to easily identify each cables. If you can’t find any label on the packaging you may ask the person reliable for this product.

Crossed or crossover cables are used only for directly connecting networks. It can’t be used as a connector for computer and a hub due to the fact that the hub does not recognize the crossed wiring sequence. It won’t send signals for transmit and receive accordingly. However, broadband routers today are now capable of automatically detecting these crossed wires and allow it to function appropriately.

The crossover cable pin out does not matter if it is arranged in T568A or T568B as long as it has the same pattern on both ends. Unalike wiring pattern will make the cable not useful as it won’t transmit and receive effectively ruining its full function. There are several kinds of crossover cable that has different capability some of these are the cat5, T1and RJ-45 crossover cable.

crossover cable pinout

Defining Crossover Cables

You may find crossover cables a bit hard to specify or which crossover cable must be used in accordance to your need. Here are some of the crossed cables that will make your network connection flow smoothly:

  • Cat5 Crossover Cable

This cable is used for connecting hardware directly to your PC. A standard arrangement of a cat5 cable has a mapping of one to one pins that is connected from one point to another, while the crossover reverse the arrangement of pins by connecting the transmission pins from one endpoint to the receiving pins on the other endpoint. The crossover pattern of a cat5 cable is white/green, solid green, white/orange, solid blue, white/blue, solid orange, white/brown, and solid brown. It allows 100 MHz of bandwidth and has the range of 100 meters.

Cat5 Crossover Cable

  • T1 Crossover Cable

T1 crossover cable allows 2 T1 DSY/CSU devices be connected end-to-end. The arrangement of the pins is connected to 4, 5, 1 and 2 with 1, 2, 4 and 5 are accordingly. Any mismatched connection will change the functionality of the cable and might not work as expected. It must always have T568B pairs 1 and 2.

T1 crossover cable

  • RJ45 Crossover Cable

RJ45 cables are widely known as the cable used for telephony connections. The straight through or standard cables are the ones used in this. A standard arrangement connects the same pin out from each other, for example pin 1 to pin 1. This is not how the RJ45 crossover cable is structured. It is intended to connect computer to computer, gateway to hub, or computer to router. The diagram of its wiring is intended to place a different pin from a specific pin out. The arrangement connects pin 2 to pin 6, pin 1 to pin 3, pin 6 to pin 2, and pin 3 to pin 1.

Ethernet cable is the main link connector of a network connection. It may vary from your needs on which one to use for it have different distance limit, functionality, and speed capacity. Crossover cables are used in the absence of devices such as hub, switch and modem routers that interconnects several computers to make one group network. It is very useful for connecting computer to another computer directly for your network sharing needs, especially for gamers.

RJ45 Crossover Cable