Why Would You Consider Using a Cisco Router?

This is a router made possible by Cisco – one of the largest companies in the field of networking. Their routers are known to come under various kinds of models, and is capable of sharing a set number of connections in a wireless or wired basis depending on the model and how powerful the sharing capacity of the router is when it comes to distributing bandwidth to all devices that are currently connected to the router once that it’s on.

This can be used to share internet connection, or for others to connect a group of computers in to a single Local Area Network connection with the use of Ethernet cables. This is also known to be a device that’s being used by small businesses and homes for giving Wi-Fi access to the people inside. Cisco guarantees that their routers have the best capabilities that you will surely like once that you plan to set up a network.

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Cisco Router Setup

Setting up this type of router is known to be very easy because all you need to do is to place the device to a spot that can make it capable of reaching out to the whole vicinity of the area (the range of the signal depends on the model of the router), and must be placed on where the modem is. You need to connect the internet provider to the router using an Ethernet Cable to the blue/gray/black port of the router to connect the internet to it. This will provide a wireless connection for your internet connection. If you want wireless connection, but you have a personal computer, you can either purchase a Wi-Fi receiver for your computer, or grab another Ethernet cable, and connect it from the yellow port of the router (there are multiple LAN ports for multiple computers in a router), straight to the Ethernet port of the computer so that it can get a LAN connection.

cisco router setup

Cisco Router Login

In order for you to set up certain credentials and router settings in your Cisco router, all you need to do is to access the IP address of the router using your computer. However, you need to directly connect the computer to the router in order for you to gain router access since it will indicate you as the admin of the device if you do so. To access the router, you need to know the login username and password for you to continue. The IP address and the credentials are found in below the device.

Cisco Router IP

The IP address of the router is the indicator of your wireless network connection, or your local area connection. Experts can do many ways to change it or gain access to those who might want to check the other that are connected to the router. The router IP address is again needed for you to change the while settings of your router. You can just log in to your router by entering the IP address of the router to your browser.

Cisco Router Support

You can always contact Cisco for support whenever you have problems with the router in terms of connectivity. You can ask them for customer support or technical assistance so that you can get your router fixed in no time. Rest assured that a representative will be able to pick up the line so that they can start troubleshooting your concerns and answer all of your inquiries with ease. They can also guide you whenever you have issues with the router.

Cisco Router Commands

There are some special commands that you can use in your router whenever you want to configure it. These commands have various purposes that experts find very useful:

  • cdp timer seconds this is a command that will set the Cisco discovery Protocol frequency.
  • cdp holdtime seconds a command that will let you specify a certain amount of time to hold the information that’s being sent.
  • no cdp run – stops the CDP.
  • cdp run – begins the CDP
  • show cdp – lets you check the CDP rate and other details about the CDP.
  • clear cdp table – remove all information about the CDP.
  • cdp enable – lets you enable the CDP in the interface.
  • no cdp enable – lets you disable the CDP in the interface.
  • clear cdp counters – removes and resets the CDP counters.
  • show debugging – this lets you check out the commands that you can type in.

Cisco Router Address

The address of the Cisco router can be found on the bottom of the device as well. This lets you identify the uniqueness of your router just like how we are named. This is often called as MAC address. This is important especially when you contact Cisco router support because they can do their own settings using your MAC ID once that you provide it to them.

Cisco Wireless Router

The wireless router is known to be the Wi-Fi for your modem if it doesn’t have such capabilities. This can let you gain a wireless connection and a local area connection depending on how you set up the router. You can change the Wi-Fi name and password on the router setup by logging in to the IP address of your router.

Cisco Router Default Password

The default password is often found under the device as well. If there’s no sticker that will indicate the login requirements for your configuration, you can always check out the official site since there are some router models that have various passwords.