CDMA VS GSM: Which Mobile Technology Is Better?

The mobile phone technology is caught up with GSM and CDMA which is the primary cause of you not being able to use your previous mobile home network to another mobile home network. One of the popular examples is the Verizon and AT&T iPhone, this brought a big impact on the technology people and users as well since it supports different technology. The Verizon iPhone is a Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) device while AT&T iPhone is under the Global System for Mobile (GSM) tech.


Where It All Started?

The beginning of each technology in mobile has its own origin of place. The CDMA started way back 1940s during the world war two in America. It was invented by George Antheil and Hedy Lamarr to manipulate the torpedoes movement by the use of radio frequencies. During the war, communication between the military needs a secure broadcast that is limited to their man wherein they used the frequency hopping technology which is the mother name of CDMA as it was developed and innovated in time and it was originally used by Qualcomm.

GSM, on the other part of the world was developed due to lack of reach of CDMA to reach the European countries. Global System for Mobile has ruled in the market of Western Europe. Just like CDMA, GSM is a developed and innovated form of technology that is originally known as the Time Division Multiple Access or TDMA.

CDMA vs GSM Carriers

Due to lack of reach of the American CDMA mobile technology in Europe and Asia, most part of these continents are GSM capable. Code Division Multiple Access has most parts of Asia and North America and Global System for Mobile have conquered the Western Europe which makes the telecommunication companies on these continents the carriers of the mobile tech.

Telecommunications companies such as GTE, Sprint and Verizon make use of the CDMA technology. On the other hand, GSM telecommunication company carriers are Ericson and Nokia. Since most users of wireless users came from Asia and Europe and their provider, which is GSM, it was then declared the leader in the world of cellular communication. This has helped Nokia and Ericson to reach different countries in the world and be the top provider of mobile phones.

The reach limit of each technology has affected their popularity but the factors of making it to top does not just concentrate on that single aspect. Many aspects were site about the CDMA vs GSM when it comes to its capabilities. The pros and cons of each technology were weighed to see the most effective one for each carrier.

The pros and cons of CDMA are:


  • It has wider network service that can reach even the remotest areas.
  • Communication channels are secured.
  • Battery life of a device is longer because it consumes power lesser.
  • It can simultaneously transmit numerous conversations.
  • Better service can be expected from operators as the efficiency of the technology increases in time.


  • It does not support roaming services.
  • It has more defects than GSM due to the fact that it was developed earlier than CDMA.

The pros and cons of GSM are:


  • Functionalities are full-bodied by hosts which gives you a stable network.
  • It is widely used by people all over the world with 450,000,000 users.
  • It supports international roaming which makes it the most used technology for people especially the travelers.


  • GSM cannot be accessed in most areas of United States of America due to the fact that it is under the technology of CDMA.

As you can see, GSM has proved itself to many users in different countries. The advantage of the fact that it was able to support many countries makes it more efficient for business people who commonly go on international trips for business purposes.

Choosing which technology to use may depend on your need. If you have no plans of going abroad with your cellular phone and you are located in America it is advisable for you to use the CDMA technology since it can provide you better service within your area, but if you are a business person or an adventure seeker who goes out of town every now and then, it is advisable to have a GSM mobile.