Best Wireless Printers 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Printers are one of the most commonly used gadgets in the office barring the computer. The amount of printed pages produced by offices is a number worth noting. With that being said, the importance of having a reliable printer at the office is vital because once printing problems are encountered, the hassle, blow to the productivity and mental stress it causes is something you can do without.

Wireless printers are a godsend for offices because they boost productivity in more ways than one. Here are some benefits to using a wireless printer and some advice on how to choose the best wireless printers for your office.

Top 10 Wireless Printers [Reviews Updated July 2018]

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Benefits and Tips

There are several benefits to having a wireless printer in the office.

  • The first of which is that is can be shared over a local area network. Simply put, a lot of people can connect to it. This in itself is reason enough to have one at the office.
  • Another benefit to having one is reduced hardware risk brought about by the cords all over the place. In general, having more parts means more susceptibility to damage. The hassle a person experiences in trying to have the computer detect the printer is an unimaginable one and is a recipe for a bad day.
  • Another benefit is that it would look cleaner. All those wires have a subconscious effect on a person’s mind and having a cleaner working space actually would make for a better day overall.
  • Finally is portability, some printers were made to be portable so if you are the type of person who is always on the go, then consider getting a wireless printer.

Now to help you choose the best wireless printers for your office, first consider the features which are vital for office work.

  • Of course, durability and reliability would come to mind. You have to choose printers which can handle a load of printing a lot of things in a single day, every day. There are some reviews available on the internet to help you choose which printers can handle such a burden. An example would be the Dell All – in – one – wireless Printer V305w. Costing at around 50 USD, this printer is perfect for a home business where you do not have to print a lot of material, furthermore, it is capable of more than just printing because it has the capability to also fax and photocopy.
  • The next thing you need to consider is printing speed. A slow printer is absolutely not allowed in the office because it would take you twice or three times the time to produce the needed papers. While most of the printers available for purchase are laser printers, some printers still print faster than others.
  • Another consideration is image quality. If the quality of printed images is a concern, then consider using the Canon Pixma MP560 high performance all in one. Costing at 80 USD, it is worth every dollar because of the quality of pictures it produces.