Best Portable TV Consumer Ratings & Reports

Although it might not sound true, portable TV still has a lot of applications and for some reason, they are still alive. The best portable TV reviews show that these products are mostly available in screen size of 3 to 9 inches and utilize LCD technology to offer good display. Although they’re not as common as smartphones and tablets, there are still some places where portable TV can find its use.

Applications of Portable TV


Whoever thought of placing television screens in cars has given a new lifeline to portable TVs. Almost all new models have TV screens inside them. These screens are mostly connected to a DVD player or gaming console. Nevertheless, it provides entertainment for the entire family.


Sports fans are probably the only reason portable TVs are still available in stores. Diehard fans don’t wish to miss any match, so they take their TV with them. Portable TVs can also be useful if you take them to the games with you to catch highlights and replays.


Just like camping is not about tents anymore but about fancy RVs that offer all the comforts of home, the idea of entertainment while camping has changed too. Portable TV can be a lifesaver during bad weather and extreme boredom.


People living in dorms usually do not have space for an actual TV and have to resort to small sized portable TVs for entertainment purposes.

The Verdict on Portable TVs

Although online television and tablets have changed the traditional method of viewing television, portable television can still find some application in fields other than entertainment. These days, portable TVs are usually being used for security and surveillance purposes.

Top 10 Best Portable TV [Reviews Updated April 2021]

Azend Group HR702 Portable TV Set Top Box Review

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If you need a small and portable TV that you can carry around while you cook food in the kitchen or workout in the gym, this portable TV by Azend is made for you. This product lets you watch all your favorite cable TV channels without the hassle of wires or additional charges.

7-Inch LCD

A bright 7-inch display lets you watch your favorite shows in high quality. It runs on rechargeable batteries, so you don’t have to worry about wires.

Wireless Connectivity

It can easily catch signals from your cable device or set-top box as well as your DVD player using its transmitter module. It is effortless to install and set up, so you can watch your television anywhere inside your house.


  • 7″ LCD with bright and colorful display
  • Transmitter module connects easily to your cable device, digital TV or DVD player
  • Rechargeable batteries (1 lithium ion battery included)
  • AV jack and a 3.5mm headphone jack for audio output


If you’re looking for a portable TV screen that lets you watch your favorite shows in the balcony or anywhere else inside your house, this is a good product for you.

Azend Group HR701 Home Roam Portable TV Set Top Box Review

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If you need a small portable television for your kitchen, gym, library or any other area of your home, this portable Home Roam TV by Azend Group is the ideal product for you. This device allows you to watch all of your favorite TV channels or Blu-ray movies without any hassle of wires or additional subscription charges.

7″ Display

A bright and colorful 7-inch display offers a high-quality TV experience. It takes its power from rechargeable batteries, which makes the TV all the more portable.

Wireless Transmission

It easily catches the signal from your digital TV, cable device or the set-top box using its transmitter module. It can also connect to your DVD or Blu-ray Player. This portable TV is very easy to set up and operate.


  • Display includes a 7″ LCD
  • Transmitter module allows easy and wireless connection to your digital TV or cable device
  • Batteries and adapter provided with the monitor


This Home Roam TV offers a viewing time of about 2 hours. It can prove to be useful if you need a portable television for your kitchen or gym.

Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500 Portable CD/DVD Player Boombox Review

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If you prefer your entertainment to be the classic boombox way and need something that can be perfect for parties and get-togethers with friends, this Magnasonic CD/DVD player and boombox with karaoke features is the perfect product for you. It offers multiple sources of entertainment and can easily be carried on picnics or trips.

7″ TFT Display

An LCD screen is available for watching videos and photos.

Karaoke Feature

It provides the option of lyrics read and sing along for a great karaoke experience.


  • A portable and lightweight CD/DVD player
  • 7″ LCD TFT Display
  • Supports MP3, WMA, MP4 videos
  • USB 2.0 port, SD Card slot
  • Photo slideshow option available
  • AM/FM stereo radio; a telescopic antenna provided
  • Multi-language on-screen display (Spanish, English and French)
  • Remote control included; battery powered device
  • Surround sound feature
  • RCA A/V output for display on larger screens
  • Headphones, audio input, microphone jacks
  • Karaoke feature offers words on the screen and sing-along option


This boombox is a good classical entertainment product for parties and get-togethers and can be a nice gift for your friends as well.

Philips PET729/37 7-Inch LCD Portable TV/DVD Player Review

Best Portable TV Reviews

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If you have to stay outdoors or move around a lot in your house which can cause you to miss your favorite shows, a portable TV and DVD player can prove to be the perfect solution to your problem. This product is a great source of entertainment if you have to travel a lot as it comes with a car adapter for charging the device.

7-Inch Screen

A 7-inch LCD offers a bright display for viewing television. You can also watch DVD movies on this product easily.

3 Hours of Playback

This product comes with built-in batteries that give a playback time of 3 hours. An adapter is provided with the portable TV for charging in the car.


  • Accessories include car adapter for on-the-go viewing
  • 3 hours of playback
  • Built-in batteries
  • Digital TV reception using antennas
  • All types of DVD and CD are compatible with this player
  • Remote control included
  • AV cable and reception antenna included as well
  • Headphone jack available


A portable TV and a DVD player combo with a 3-hour playback time make it a good companion for long car or bus rides.

GAEMS M155 15.5″ HD LED Performance Portable Gaming Monitor Review

Portable Gaming Monitor

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If you need a portable screen to take your gaming on-the-go, this is the right product for you that has been designed particularly for a high-definition gaming experience. It is a compact and lightweight device.

15.5-Inch LCD

720p resolution and a 15-inch screen offer the ultimate on-the-go gaming experience.

No Lag Gaming Experience

A 60Hz refresh speed and HDMI input ensure that your game doesn’t lag.


  • 60Hz refresh speed offers a lag-free gaming experience
  • Protective cover included
  • Featured with a micro feel interior for protection against damage
  • The cover even doubles as a supporting stand for comfortable vision
  • 5mm stereo jack offers a good audio experience through compatible headphones or audio speakers
  • Mini USB port for reliable power supply
  • HDMI input for 720p resolution gaming and entertainment purposes
  • The backpack allows easy portability with room for the display monitor, game discs, earphones, adapters, two controllers, cords and cables, etc.


This gaming monitor offers a virtually lag-free gaming experience for consoles that support HDMI output. It also supports PS4, Xbox One and most major gaming consoles.