Why You Must Consider Belkin Router?

Looking for a new wireless router but you find yourself? not too technical regarding this stuff. You find it hard to follow an instruction that contains words that you are not familiar of and finding a person to do the job will cost you a fortune. Then, Belkin router is the right one for you.

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Set up Your Wireless Router Easily

Belkin is known for its easy-set-up feature which makes anybody a pro when it comes with do it your own network. You don’t need to find a technical dictionary just to understand each word. All words on the user manual are carefully picked for all kind of users. To set up the Belkin wireless router all you need to do, after opening the box, is to follow these three simple steps:

  • Connect the router into the modem by the use of the cable provided.
  • Plug the router into the wall inlet.
  • Insert the startup disc provided, on your pc to get the on-screen setup.

By simply following all the things on the setup disk, you will be able to finish the wireless setup instantly. However, there may be times when you lost your startup CD and you need to set it up. You don’t have to worry about your router not being usable anymore. It won’t go to waste just because you have no setup disc. There are other ways to do set it up:

  • Modem and Router Power cycling

Step one: Remove the router and modem from the inlet or power source.

Step two: Connect modem to the internet port or WAN of the wireless router.

Step three: Turn ON first your modem, and then your router by plugging it back to the wall.

  • Setup your router manually

Step one: Connect your pc to the Ethernet port of the wireless router by the use of cable provided. It is usually blue in color.

Step two: Open a browser and type in “” in the URL bar or address bar.

“” is the default IP address of Belkin routers.

Step three: Click the Login text or button.

Step four: Click Submit without entering any password.

Step five: Click Connection Type under the Internet WAN.

Step six: Choose your Connection Type and then click Next.

Step seven: On the blank fields, enter necessary information provided by your ISP or Internet Service Provider.

By the end of each way, the status of your internet connection must be connected. If you still don’t have internet connection you can look up for Belkins support in their Belkins website. Another reason why people make purchase Belkin is their privacy and helpful features.

How to reset the device when it won’t work as it did before

As time goes by your device will get confused because of all the data and information it was fed. This data are needed to received and transmitted to the right place in order to have your connection run smoothly. In this situation you will need to reset your device. By doing this you will have to reconfigure your router since resetting it to its original state will erase all the configurations made. Another reason for resetting your wireless router is the possibility of a forgotten password. By default the password of your device is left to blank, which means that there is no password needed.

Before resetting your device, you must first have your settings back upped, if you are not familiar with back up files you can check out the Belkin’s router help for your troubleshooting needs. Backing up your settings will allow you to have your previous settings reconfigured in your device without doing it manually. To reset your device you must:

  • Find the Reset button on your device. The Reset button may be placed on different locations of your device, but it is usually on the back aligned with the ports.
  • Press the Reset button for fifteen (15) seconds. The router must have its power on.
  • The router will restart in one minute.

The router is back to its original state. Belkin router drivers can be downloaded on their site in case you lost your CD. Everything you should know about your device can be seen in the Belkin site, if not you can always contact their support team for any help or troubleshooting needs.