How Can You Choose a Better ASUS Router?

There were a lot of wireless technology that develops over time and one of the companies that generate a massive production of this technology is from ASUS. ASUS is being known to offer a wide range of wireless networks that is progressively increasing. With all of its products being sold, it became difficult for people to choose what fits their needs best. If you are going to explore ASUS products, then read their specs and features online by actual customer.

Top 10 ASUS Routers [Reviews Updated July 2018]

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What is the Top 2 ASUS Wireless Routers (In no particular order)?



This is the kind of router that features double firewalls, encryptions, QoS for the print server. This router is so far, one of the most inexpensive routers, only cost $175. It comes with a built in FTP server, filer server and Webcam server. With its impressive features that any other wireless routers do not own, it would be a hit to your needs. This router also has impressive server capability like that of DIR-655 Xtreme Router. One good advantage of this router is that it is very easy to setup, meaning having a friendly interface and an organized web interface for configuration.

ASUS RT-AC68U Dual Band Wireless-AC-1900 Gigabit Router

ASUS RT-AC68U Dual Band Wireless-AC-1900 Gigabit Router

What’s good about this technology is that it has a powerful hardware and has useful features like encryption, double firewalls for safety and protection of the router and the ability to reach wider ranges. As for the advanced users, it is recommended for them to use this router because it creates a stellar performance and a hassle-fee connection. The only disadvantage of this router is the expensive price. Regardless of the price, ASUS make it sure that you will be getting all the best quality service you will ever receive from the router.

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How Can I Choose a Good Wireless Router?

  • Check the Signal Strength

All of the wireless routers have different sets of ranges that it can cover. If you are living in an apartment, then wifi signal strength would be an issue since you are sharing networks with other in house boarders. You have to figure out to yourself what’s the best for you. Signal strength is definitely the primary concern of most potential buyers. To check the ability of the wireless connection, see the manufacturer’s published specs and features.

  • The Speed (or the Megabits per second)

The acceptable measure of speed is 300-600mbps. The latest routers would have the 300 mbps speed as for the 802.11N standard. However when you have a standard of 802.11G, the common speed is about 54 Mbps. If you are truly determine the specification of the device, then take the initiative to check the manufacturer’s documentation.

  • As of the dual band routers, connect to G for 2.4 GHz and N for 5 GHz. Dual band Wi-Fi adapters doesn’t necessarily mean that speed would be doubled. It only means that if your computer has one Wi-Fi adapter, then you can connect to one band at a time.
  • Choose the G Band because it gives more signals compared to the N Band.
  • Take note of Compatibility issues

A Router won’t work right if it’s not compatible with your hardware in a home network. The two of them should complement one another to avoid trouble.

  • To check the compatibility, then you might as well look at the brand of a wireless router with the brand of your home network. When the wireless routers are being compatible to the small adaptors, the LAN connection will give a better speed and signal strength.
  • Think about some matching video game console, like Nintendo Wii. Nintendo does not advertise any brands of wireless router, by the way, but consider looking and understanding the complementing brands so that your video console will work effectively.
  • Compare the Warranties

Of course, the best wireless router comes with the best warranty. Look at the warranty provision being provided the moment you buy the product, then make a pro and cons list for the specific model. Make it sure that the warranty can last a long time, like 1-2 years perhaps.